All only post once per hour game


If you are confused by the title of this game. I can explain a bit further.

This will be a thread where the game is simple, all are forbidden to post within an hour so each post must be split by an hour. if not that will be breaking the rules of the game.

Here is an example if you are still confused.

Player1: Hello (12:00 PM)
Player2: Hi (1:00 PM)
Player3: Want to Play a game of Rock Paper Scissors? (2:00 PM)

Now you can post whatever you want but each post for all must be split by an hour to make the game a bit more interesting.

Remember to follow all forum rules while playing this game, breaking rules will result in trouble.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Just an hour or at least an hour?


An hour for each and every post.


Well you just broke that (1 minute) and so did I (4 hours)


Wooooo 22 days until Christmas

Dont mind me, just posting 2 hrs after the previous oneā€¦


Me too :joy:








Them: I wanna be tracer

Me: whos tracer


Have a nice day.


complete the heart