All Tulip Colors

Now that we know How many tulip colors are there? the question arises, what are the colors?

Here are all 232 color variations. All the rest of the unique tulips just have a different top/bottom color.

I unfortunately didn’t have time to sort these and make a nice color scale. I spent too long trying to figure out how to show all 53824 tulips in an understandable way.

Nevertheless, here are lots of tulips! Maybe I’ll have time to revisit this another day.

The forum won’t let me upload all the pictures, so I put them on google drive. Here are a few pics.


My first, failed attempt where all the generated tulips died at once and crashed the game.

Advent Calendar Day 24


Thank you very much Bib for giving us tulip enthusiasts the best BH present ever :tulip::heart:

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :gift::tada:


we should make a tag for mildly interesting but tips and guides is fine

It isn’t “mildly interesting” if you’re a tulip enthusiast. :grin: :tulip:


Are these colors in all the 232 colors?

They should be - these tulips include what ought to be every combination of color.

Your tulips looked a bit washed out - do you have a lot of light above them? All my pics had no artificial light and so look a bit darker.

I see. But without the light, it’s a little difficult to tell the differences between some similar colors.