All types of vehicles might be possible Suggestion might be

Hello the blockheads all of these will be possible you can actually make vehicles as I see in the world of blockheads very possible in my brain cause it is very great with vehicles around but far players or single player world only even planes modern planes or a vintage one and update another please the train make it little bit modern cause the train is espesfically boring it a steam and forget about to say that you can simply just make generators on to of it or copper wires cause it is electric make it like a real square train and try to make some of the modern trains currently especially ground vehicles it is very possible truck, car or anything just made of or make it a all on one thing dont forget always square cause how could these blockhead technology like elevator or some modern stuff without any of the remaining vehicles? with that only jet pack? jetpacks is useful but in this case it only flies like a plane but depending on a speed planes a bit more faster than it looks. Also make a mechanc work bench as the other thread said and it is either possible if only deeper of imagination works, If this is a command gotta like it to go online world >.>.

I’m extremely confused…

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Actually regarding topic

Sweet near-entire-lack-punctuation.

As far as I can tell, you’re thinking of more modernized transportation methods.

Quick tip, there’s a lot to unpack here, so if you sincerely want your ideas to garner consideration, you may want to split some of your ideas into separate threads (i.e., newer trains are somewhat of a different suggestion from entirely new, presumably motorized, vehicles).

Also, please try to split up portions of that wall of text, as it makes for a very confusing read overall, and I’m not sure I’m the only one that had a fair bit of difficulty parsing through. If you want people to like your idea, they’ll usually have to understand it first.