Alli's Latest Pixel Art


Happy Holidays everyone, to whatever you’re celebrating! And if you’re not, have a great week anyways.
Lately, I’ve gotten into pixel art, so I went over to Pixmilla and started working on a Reindeer! Any thoughts?

Now, I do need to work on adding some doors to make it more accessible, and if you see close up, the embedding is horrible. But, I’m quite proud of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, maybe I should add some snowflakes to make a little winter scene.


Awesome! So this is what you were making when I was popping in and out today and yesterday.


That looks really good! Way better than I could do :sweat_smile: If you wanted an even bigger project you could build a sleigh behind it and add reins :smiley:


@Brer-Rabbit yep, that’s the project.

And yeah, I wish I could do that, but there’s an admin project behind me. I think I’ll leave this reindeer free. Maybe, add some kind of a natural setting on the other side? Trees? Clouds?

Also, you’d be surprised at your ability to do pixel art. It just takes a bit of concentration, and you’ll get better. This is coming from someone who was always pretty terrible at building and pixel art in general.


Nice! I need to go back to Pixel Art… Haven’t done so in a while…


Hmm maybe you’re right. I’ll have to try again sometime…gotta get those building brain juices working again :sweat_smile:


Wow good job with ur beautiful pixel art :smiley:


Nice work!

#Aashir pixel art


Wow, @AlliG8tor and @Aashir those are awesome! I swear, no matter how much practice I might get, I’ll never be able to make something that great! :blush:


Lol, Aash is showing me up :wink:


I’ve spent too much time setting up a 120x120 pixel art plot. It’s not even done yet and i spent the whole weekend working on it!

But nice reindeer @allig8tor


Merry Christmas


@AlliG8tor Alli, very nice job!

@Aashir, I love that character from the muppets. That being said, it’s bad form to post your own pixel art on someone else’s thread. We should all be commenting and commending Alli’s work here. You should create your own thread to show off your builds.


Sorry to say alli is my best friend. And she don’t mind
(You also don’t mind plzzz)


I thought this was a llama with a bunch of sticks on his head


@TheFoil how did you know? :sweat_smile:

And thanks, @Aashir, you’re right, I’m your friend- and personally didn’t mind, but I’d love to see your stuff on your own thread! @Thuthu was making a good point when she said that.

Thanks for the support, everyone! It means a lot : )


Made this handcar course on a server that’s currently in development. (it’s an awesome server by @Aces_Connor) I’m pretty proud of my work! Some credit to @Brer-Rabbit for a little assistance, (which really helped me out). What do you all think? :slight_smile:



Awesome, also you work way faster than me LOL.


The power of a very delayed airplane and 4 Gigs of data pulled me through :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


It’s been a while, pretty sure it’s still fine to bump this (hopefully), and I’m thinking of continuing this project I had started for @Aashir a while back.