Allow ads to be watched for World Credit

In the Add Credit section of servers, there would be a 1 day option of server credit for 9-10 ads. You then would be prompted to watch 9-10 ads for 1 day credit.
Credits to @TheFoil for this suggestion:
Or an option for 2 hour credit per ad.

One day/2 hour credit cannot be used to create new servers.
You can only watch ads every 8 hours, while you can only watch 2 hour credit ads every 1 hour and 30 minutes.


I really like that idea because especially a lot of the younger players are not allowed / have no possibility to spend money for their servers!


Nice idea, the young audience is now able to make servers in 1.7 without a forum account.


Would you not be able to watch ads for more world credit after you’ve watched 5-6 ads?


To make it fair, you should be able to watch ads for world credit every 4 hours.

@TheHeroicBH This only applies to existing servers. You can’t make servers with the one day credit, as it would just waste space. You still need to input 7 or 30 days worth of credit.

Updated OP.


I like the idea but disagree with the wait time for the ads so I don’t find this something I would want in the game.

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What interval would you recommend?

Maybe at least 1-10 minutes per ad seems fine.

but you would only get 6 ads a day.

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If we are watching adds to pay for a server to be kept online and running. How is this different from pirate TC?

We would be back in the exact same situation with a digital game currency being used. This does not pay for the actual servers to be hosted in the real world. Therefore once again Majicdave and co will be losing money…
…and we lose this game.

If it is such a issue that people need to desperately be attempting to revive this dead topic then just stop playing the game. Not everyone needs to/should be a server owner else there would never be players but always owners. I personally have seen a rise in quality servers that don’t rely on duping since the 91st mass server death day.

I would hate to see the return of the quality of servers just pre 1.7

If you cannot afford something in another game you go without.
If you cannot afford you own server on blockheads…you go without…
…oh wait theres LOADS of servers still about!

People just got used to the easy access of something they in effect stole for free and cannot accept that a system has been implemented to stop the stealing.


Ads give Dave money. And even so, people can’t pirate ads… to my knowledge.


I know they give money. But it is no the same as direct money as someone paying for each server

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Obviously it is not going to be back to it basically being free (watching ads). Dead in the term it is useless to continue going on about it. Every week there is another thread trying to discontinue the credit system.

I thought watching ads was optional. Even so, you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can watch some ads for credit again.


Ads aren’t digital currency.

It does pay, as long as they watch enough ads to cover a day worth of credit.

Why does it matter?


This would make it a currency.

If Dave makes money from hosting adds which allows us time crystals. Then also gets money from people paying from servers. Why should he then lose one form of fair income by merging the ads for the same thing (using ads to pay for tc and servers).

If was designed like this for a reason. I don’t understand why it is being made in to such a issue.


By the way there is a problem, people could delete the game and repeat this over and over again although it may take an hour in my vision.

And then get as much credit as they want.

So I think it should be linked to your cloud network and something like that to reduce piracy


Dave receives money when people watch ads.

By what means is this “dead”?
OK, I don’t get what “quality” servers and their rise has anything to do with this topic. I am simply suggesting something for people who cannot afford to pay for credit every week.

Yep, LOADS out of credit. :roll_eyes: Half of the servers that are still around are barely active.

So apparently everybody here used pirated TC, is what I’m assuming.

I bet 5-6 ads per day for 7 days gives more than 1 dollar.

Jeez. I don’t get why you have to be so condescending about a suggestion thread for a game.

Source? Besides, I don’t get how I’m trying to “discontinue” the credit system.

@Lord-Hyness I’m pretty sure it would still generate enough revenue as long as the amount of ads are sufficient.

Updated amount of ads and time difference.


And the active servers are usually anime roleplay servers where people sit around and just chat.


although it is a great idea, another reason why dave changed it to actual money was because there was too many servers