Allow people to paint Trains/Anything that uses rails


This is simple, if you’re holding a paint bucket in your hand and you click on your own train/handcar etc., you’ll be given an option to paint it. This would be really useful for worldwide railroads, since it would allow for color coding of routes to make transport way easier.


That’d be so helpful!


Yessssssssss! There have been so many times I have gone to paint something but not been able to. Although it would be a hassle to have to remove it to be able to paint the background behind it.
And would you be able to paint the rails themselves?


I suppose it should be possible. It’s made from two very paintable items.

Though I wonder how it should work. The rails get coloured, the planks get coloured or the whole thing gets coloured?

The colour stays even if you remove the rail, just like the beds stay painted or can they be removed, kind of like when you break a block and it turns back to normal


I. Love. This. It would definitely be helpful for economical worlds where railroads need to be more organized.