Alright so basically I’m thinking of trying this out


I wanna have a Mac server that’s not exactly the survival type but it kinda is. PM if you’d like to make it

Idk what the exact plan is but I’ll figure it out

Also if you have suggestions for rules you can just post them below


Clan/faction pvp survival server


We need a replacement for basilieus


I moved this to #multiplayer since it’s about a potential server, but what do you mean by kind of survival? If you have a wider explanation I’d like to hear, not really interesting in building it as of now since I’ve distanced myself from the game but I would check it out if you made it. :slight_smile:


Like, you’d have to get your own stuff for houses and junk, but the admins and owner would be, like, the rulers and they’d have more advanced stuff.
Actually, I could try making it a civilization type server…


By Mac servers do you guys mean a server made on an Apple Mac computer?


Facts @Ziameter


The problem is I don’t have a Mac so I’d need someone else to make it. I’ll edit this post or post again depending on if someone else posts so I won’t double post or if it’s been an hour


Yes Mhead. There’s an app on the Apple store that allows you to set a server upon your Mac, using the computer’s storage. Because there are no storage costs, Mac servers are free.


If the server ever gets made does anyone want moderator?
Guess not




Does your macbook have to be on 24/7 to make it so players can join whenever they want? I heard of your macbook runs out of charging or turns off you can’t play on the server again until you turn on your macbook

He said he does not have a macbook


Are you talking to me? Or somebody else?


Yes, the computer hosting the world has to be up for anyone to play on it.


I though you shrugs


Hmm thought so




It was a yes or no question


Yes, the Blockheads server app has to be physically running in order for someone to get an answer when they try to connect. For a Macbook, that means the it has to be open. But you can run the app in the background with the screen off to conserve power if you wish.

Honestly though? I found running a server on my Macbook to be a pain. I use my iMac.


Can we please stay on-topic? There are, and can be more, threads about Mac hosting. This is a thread about Tueflisch’s world.