Am I able to change my nickname on a server that I own?

Hi, this is embarrassing.
I just started a new server and paid for the credit but I spelled my nickname wrong. Can this be changed?

You can ask milla to transfer ownership in a pm

I believe they want to change the name of their account in the game, not transfer ownership to a different account. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

Yes, that’s what I meant.

You can make a new name and transfer it but no you can’t directly change your name

I can’t change your name on a world. If you join with a new name and transfer inventory via chests you can effectively do that yourself though. I can then change ownership to the new name too, if you wish, but I will only do that this once. I generally don’t do it.

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That would be amazing, thank you so much! How can I contact you with the info? Thanks again!