Am I Breaking The Rules?


I had an old account on here it was @TayTay_23 (don’t judge the name lol it was back in like 2017) and one day i couldn’t log on. At that point i didn’t really play blockheads that much but enjoyed going on the forums and talking to people. Back to what i was saying, i couldnt log back into my account, but today i remembered about the forums and really liked them. So i decided to come back but i’m not sure if i’m breaking any rules by making an alt account because my old account’s password i don’t remember? thank you for taking the time to read this


Ideally, you should just reset the password to your old account and continue using it instead of using a new one

However, if you’ve lost access to that email, and forgotten the password, it’s ok to start a new account, though ideally you should ask Milla first.


Don’t worry about it.


oh hey,
welcome back
Just remembered your account after seeing your post
I guess I just forgot about it after you disappeared


No, you are not breaking the rules.

Keep in mind that the Question category is for Blockheads questions and the Meta category is for all forum-related things. (And no, you are also not breaking the rules by putting this in the wrong category)


If you are using the same Apple ID, or email, there’s a chance you can just talk to milla about the log in details and how to reset your password.


Moved to meta, since it’s about the forums, rather than the game.

The only time you should really create a second account is either when I have approved the creation of one, or when you’ve lost both the registered email address and password for the old one. I will ban your old account.