Am I the only one bothered by this?


I feel like I should get more cups per clay.


Or a brick block should require more clay.


Nooo no no. More cups per clay.


Yeah, that is weird.

It is also kind of bothering that you need 5 ingots to make a pickaxe, but also 5 ingots to make a block, which is way bigger, not including the inside.


When you dig one block of clay with a regular spade you get 3 clay so one block of clay equals 3 clay. If you dig it without using a tool you get one clay. Maybe Dave is being generous by using the lower number as the block equivalent on vanilla. Anyone else notice the reference to the three little pigs? As for one clay making more cups I agree as cups are much smaller than a block.


But why would you need all those cups?




Why not just one?


Lots of coffee because its too much work to make it one cup at a time


For coffee instead of sleep


I don’t. I just don’t want bricks to cost more.


Here’s some other theories:
Pottery can be hard, unless you’re good at it. Looking at the Blockheads, maybe he/she isn’t the best at making clay cups, and messes up while creating it at a bench. As a result, they need a new clay

The blockhead also might be too slow when it comes to crafting a cup. They take too much time that the cup dries up before they finish.


Or it could be just that clay mugs need higher quality material, bricks arnt actually 100% clay I beleive.


Powerful items are always harder to get. It’s fundamental to game balance to ensure this.


Cups are powerful items?


You can defeat an ancient evil called “Sleep” with an alliance between the almighty cups and coffee cherries.


Not pure coffee cherries tho. That would be too OP. There is a closely guarded secret (which I can never remember) on the intricate process of making the magical concoction of coffee.


In some expert mode recipes, logic seems to apply even less. 27 blocks of material go into making a single elevator motor. A pickaxe is made with 10 ingots, and blocks of metal are still made with 5. Your blockhead is strapping a block of metal on either side of a log and swinging it around! Also, a full set of armor costs five blocks’ worth of metal, so…life is harder for an expert mode blockhead.
I think some recipes in this game have less to do with ingredients and more to do with cost. While the types of items involved in crafting adhere pretty closely to real life, the number of items doesn’t always. It’s more about, “how much does it hurt my virtual stockpile to make this recipe?”

Or…conspiracy time…
Coffee takes an entire bucket of water to craft. A block of water, then, must be able to fit into both vessels. Are coffee cups…as big as red brick blocks?!


One word…evaporation. :wink:

I know you’re right and it’s more about “resource cost balance”, but maybe metal blocks are hollow, and tools require fine processing, folding, refolding, in the smithing process, which leads to wastage. (how does a smith work gems into a pickaxe? who knows)


Tool parts are magically more dense than blocks