Amazing game/please bring back to Android

Can’t believe this game is still going. I remember playing this 4 or 5 years ago. Wish you could still get it on Android and the Amazon app store version is outdated. Please bring it back. I know you (dev) are still reading these.

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I don’t think it will. Owner has abandoned the game. He’s working on sapiens

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Dave is not 100% in charge of android the android developer is not active on these forums he’s not part of noodlecake which is who put it on android

The developer isn’t actively reading the forums anymore.

Also, they’re unable to bring it back to the Google Play Store. As a result, the Android version of the game remains unsupported.

The APK file is still being hosted on Noodlecake Studio’s website:

As for the Amazon App Store, there aren’t enough people using it for Noodlecake Studio’s to warrant updating the game there.

Last time he checked was OCT 4

That isn’t an accurate measurement.

Why is that

It never seems to be reliable.

True it’s buggy. Only way of telling though.

Take a look at his activity in terms of posts and likes.

Well that’s even less reliable, if he checks the forums his chances of dropping likes are low

He seems to only come here when necessary (usually to create a post or two).

But the chances of him doing that are lower than him just taking a five minute look at the forums

Well, we don’t even know if he does that.

Can we circle back to the OP’s question though?

Well this conversation answered his question, or one of them

Yeah, so let’s stop here then.


Please don’t make false claims. If the game were abandoned the servers would no longer run. He’s not updating it, but services are in place.


yeah he’s just trying to do what must game creators do, make a living, which includes working on new games while old games still live and generate some money, until the old game doesn’t generate enough money and ultimately they’ll have to close it to save money, but that day is not near now

as for android you can still get it, i think from an apk file? i’ll have to look i distinctly remember someone mentioning that,

edit: ah never mind i missed Wumbo’s post, i need some coffee…

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Yes, Noodlecake have left the last viable build they developed on their WP filer. From memory, Wumbo links it in the thread about the retirement of the Play listing.