Amazing how ppl dont care about the game

Oh ok

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We shouldnt be mean guys but just explain why its bad and could lag the game and maybe permanently damage it. But a lot of ppl wont listen but atleast u tried

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I knew that it was starlight sky’s. @OSHAOSHAWOT if your an admin there don’t destroy their server. Just secretly throw away all the hacked stuff and unknowns. :whistling:


This is not behavior that I think should be encouraged. Griefing and destroying a world for any reason is not a good idea.

You can try to educate and convince an owner and the players on the server. Or you can choose not to support the server and not return.


I think we all already obviously know that these hackers are really bad and the fact that hacking is wrong,

But I have a feeling that posting it here is going to make some curious people start learning it, giving them the idea in the first place. (Believe me that was how I learnt it, even tho I could decide not to carry it out in the end, it took me such a Long time to throw away my hacked items)

Emailing support in this case is the best thing to do which will just cloud ban the hackers

And don’t mention the server name, it will make people want to go to the server more to check it out, creating more hackers. It’s like, the more you say NOT to go there, the more they are curious about it, so the more they will WANT to go there.

By discussing this issue you guys are not helping the situation at all, instead sparking people’s curiosity to learn how to hack like this


I agree with @Thuthu and @kaypoppy

We will not cloud ban people for hacking. we most certainly will not ban people for hoarding unknowns, even if they look like TCs. We will ban people for griefing, using the game in an inappropriate way given the presence of children, or for bullying.

Hackers who don’t spoil the enjoyment of other players can carry on. Those stealing from us will be dealt with by way of the client and/or server software. We do not punish people for collecting damaged items, such as unknowns, unless they use them to somehow attack other players or worlds.



Do you ban inappropriate servers and servers that sell/ give out hacked tc?

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Inappropriate ones are made private. Servers that distribute hacked TC’s are left alone unless they also contain inappropriate features.



Good to know, thanks Erick.

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Yes, thank you

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I was thinking Like, i guess hacking in ITEMS cant really hurt the game. Maybe just lag it,but hacking in TC DOES steal money from the game.

So hacking isnt really thay bad unless its TC im (guessing)

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Are non-TC hacked items hurting Dave monetarily? No. But are they “playing the game” the way it was designed? Again…no.

Some people want that, that’s fine. Maybe they play Monopoly with Lego pieces or they like to go fishing with dynamite. To each his own as long as it’s not spoiling the fun of others. That’s essentially where I draw the line. I like to keep my servers free of anything Dave did not intend, and keep it fair for all. I usually don’t see the point or the purpose of them. Do they look cool? Maybe, but not as cool as the legitimate builds and servers done by players like Thuthu, Mama Food Supply, Georgie, Caronhere and so many others.


I think it should be up to the one who has spent the honest tc creating the world. Someone spent a lot of time and effort designing the worlds you are enjoying. Don’t spoil it for them. I personally don’t want hacked stuff ruining the worlds I play on or the world have have spent years building.



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What? Is that even possible?

As a side note, I don’t see the point of offering Unknowns in starters. They certainly can’t do anything except corruption and lag, so it doesn’t really make sense to just go about handing them around and endangering your server.

If I did run a server, I don’t think I’d be very pleased to find hacked items anywhere on it. Of course, that’s just my opinion.


I think the trick is, if you wish to use duped/hacked items, or cheats then you should only play on worlds that welcome these things. If they’re not explicitly stated to be fine in the rules of a world you should not join that world if you have cheats applied, or have otherwise modified the game.


Having free tcs is bad for for Dave and milla that’s how they get their money.what is the severs name?


That doesn’t matter. Dave is tackling the piracy issue in the update he’s working on, and it’s going to be a big update. For now we leave the pirates alone, aside from me advising those I come across that they are harming our business. This basically means no vigilantism, and don’t worry about reporting them to me.