Amazon hosted server


@Pineaple2017 is soon leaving the forums!
On our computers, we want to play blockheads by buying it on amazon. Can you still host servers and people can join?


I think Wingysam hosted one mac server version 1.6 for amazon and other old devices that cannot update to 1.7 so you can ask wingysam for the server ip/url and server port. :slight_smile:


Me and pineapple will both be on Amazon and playing on a hosted server


Oh thats nice I hope you enjoy! I think some of us we already updated the Blockheads to 1.7 so we cannot play anymore in 1.6 version because of oldest version. :frowning:


Goodbye @Pineaple2017! :wave:


But why will he leave blockheads to?


Amazon sucks.


No, he said has working on a new game and he will not be as active on forums. But I’ll now be on until midnight


What hosted sever? I would like to play to. (I’m a amzon user) If u don’t mind telling me.