Amazon issues - Partial world outage results


Right now S3 is borked, and this is causing issues for image uploading on the forums, and possibly for some users in the cloud. Amazon is hopefully not going to take too long to fix this. Sorry for any frustration caused :slight_smile:

Keeps crashing when trying to join world. HELP!

I was trying to upload images for a suggestion today. I thought it was my internet. Good to know, thanks. :slight_smile:


Amazon better give MJ some nice discounts or incentives to make up for this! :stuck_out_tongue:


As well as the hundreds of thousands of other customers affected? :slight_smile:

So long as they make every effort to get it sorted ASAP we can’t ask for more.


yesssssssss they’re a big company

Here’s where we can stay up to date on what’s going on I think

Edit: sorry, looks like they’re giving out updates elsewhere:(


a LOT of people are affected by this if I am. Correct. Just wait it’s ‘totaly not her fault’


To visualize this, imagine you’re a sysadmin at Amazon. They’re probably running around like crazy and their pants are on fire. So have some patience, there are people who suffer due to this in much worse ways than you. :wink:

Nice one, that! ^


Is it working now? It seems to be fine.


Sadly many worlds still seem to be affected. Have any previously affected ones become joinable again?


I just noticed. I was joining random worlds and am seeing a ton that are “out of credit” (not).


Greedy servers… always needing those time crystals.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait for a good while, but nothing we can do, I guess


I believe the “Out of Credit” issue is something MajicDave is investigating now.
milla has asked for info on the servers that show this message in this thread


Yes, sadly all three of his young children are ill, so he and Emma are kid of swamped. I sent him the details of two worlds, one which crashes the client when you try to connect, and the other, which says it’s out of credit when it’s not. He can work from that.


Please see my latest post in the Multiplayer thread about this.


Hee hee. And the typo of the week award goes to…


plus that why ewafe’s admin power is gone!!!


please do not double post.

we posted at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


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