Among us blockheads server idea

Welcome to among us!
The server will work like the game as closely as possible.
We have rules to make the game fun for everyone.

There will be a poll on the op of the thread on the forums. Vote to have a chance to be an imposter! Every Tuesday I will ask if anyone has any guesses. Every Wednesday we will have a poll and I will confirm or deny. If you are killed please don’t tell who the imposter is or you will be banned until the next week.

  1. No admins because that would be cheating. Since the server is limited to the forums and discord we shouldn’t need admins. We will have mods though. No asking for mod or admin.

  2. Do your tasks to win. Everyone should focus on getting their tasks done. You don’t have to technically do them but what fun is it if you don’t participate?

  3. Trade portals are jobs only. No point in being able to buy anything. No public trade portals either. If you have one please keep it locked.

  4. One default sized sign per player. Imposters can steal so if you don’t wanna be stolen from keep your house small. The server is 1/16 so there’s not much room for huge houses. No stealing if you’re not the imposter. Also only the imposter can kill.

  5. No cussing it’s private but we still need to stay child appropriate. I enforce cussing based on what would get me grounded at home. Keep it clean.

  6. No advertising you can advertise on the discord or on the forums make a thread.

  7. No building at the North Pole. It will be protected don’t go around the sign to build.

  8. Be nice don’t be mean to others. Treat others the way you wanna be treated.

  9. Check back for any rule changes! And have fun!

  10. No hacking or duping
    While playing on any server, please be courteous to other players, listen to mods and admins, and behave yourself. You may be muted or banned for any reason, and the in-game chat may be monitored. Blockheads Forums

  • I would like to participate (if you vote you agree to be possibly chosen to be the imposter)
  • I cannot participate this week but have in the past

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original op: Ok so I have enough money to fund it and I had an idea

Ok so the server name would be “among us” and I am gonna explain how it would work

The op (this post) would have a poll and every week 1-3 people would be chosen to be the imposter and I would pm them

Instead of reporting a dead body or having an emergency meeting every Tuesday I would ask if anyone had any guesses and every Wednesday we would have the first poll

Instead of getting ejected I would just either confirm or deny

For getting killed the imposter would receive one free titanium sword

Vents I would plan a time with the imposter to give them iron trapdoors they would be deep enough they wouldn’t be seen in the “vent” unless they’re caught going into it

Tasks each week I would post 10 tasks and the crew mates would be responsible for putting the items in a safe they would own we would set this up each Sunday or Monday depending on who needed to set it up and when they would make it

No admins

Imposters would be allowed to spill water on lights or cut down trees that are needed to sabotage the things not allowed are breaking houses and making huge holes they can steal only one protection sign is allowed

If you get killed you would know who it is so we would have to use the honor system and if you said who it was in public you would be banned from that round so until the next week

The server would be private since forums is pretty much required or discord but forums is preferable

So what do y’all think?


I like it! Someone should definitely try making a server like that. :slight_smile:


I like the idea, though I’m not super sure about the logistics.

With a smaller sized group it is unlikely that many people will be on at the same time that often over the course of a week, turning it into a random guessing game.

I this shorter rounds where everybody is online for the duration of the round would be more enjoyable, considering more activity and the opportunity to find regenerating bodies… oh boy, it’s already starting to form in my head


It sounds good!
I like the game among us, if we tried to create a server like that I think it would be fun.


love how unique it is, never seen anybody doing it before, I think it will be fun :slight_smile:


You should make it no rip so no one cheats


This a nice concept. Very cool - shame our social media is shut down. I loved sharing new ideas from players on there.


What is amoung us I never actual played ik yaw prob gonna hate on me for asking


Among us is a game where there’s 4-10 people but 1-3 of them are imposters and the crew mates (the people who aren’t imposters) have to vote out all the imposters so they won’t get killed or they have to finish all their tasks before they get killed


Pretty cool server idea, although in my opinion would work better with the flow of more active players on blockheads…

If the same 5 blockheads were to play the same game over and over it could become a little one note after a while

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The only problem is it would be hard to get 10 people on at a time that’s why I figured a week would be good because a month seems way too long

Edit: i have $2.64 on my card but I have at least $15 cash so I’ll see if my parents can add $10 to my card

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What if you do a custom server then set it to one hit kill, make it so the spawn doors are one way only and tasks could be like make a coffee or stuff like that and disallow the usage of tc?

Edit: and have a discord with preset dates on it so everyone can plan to be on at the same time allow for an actual game to happen in real time

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I’ll try a round every week at first and if the server has a lot of people and everyone agrees we will do preset times

Edit: I decided to start the poll now the server has been made with 2 month’s credit thank you again @Bibliophile I will open it asap probably tonight

(2 hours have passed)

The server is now open! The first round will start 10/18/2020 cst I will post the tasks that day don’t forget to vote and you can come on and get supplies ready I decided to make it searchable instead of private


Just fall down I’ll add water in a sec lol and fine a spot for your safe

I really doubt that I will play (sorry for voting) but seems fun.


I need more people to vote please and @JB-WI-FI you can change your vote so I don’t accidentally choose you too only 3 people besides me have joined so this is also a reminder the server is open


I’ll join

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I voted, my good fellow.
I played Among Us for the first time yesterday, so you’re going to have to give me a run-through on how actually to play.

Most of the games I did were just people smashing the emergency discussion button over and over until the imposter won for no reason. I never got to do a single task and still don’t know how.

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I will help you

Today is Wednesday so I will be choosing the first imposter today don’t base your guesses off the poll in the op because I may choose someone that didn’t vote if they pmed me this week we will only have one imposter because this is new and I wanna see how it works with different numbers of people and idk how many people will play the first round will officially start Sunday don’t forget to prepare now

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I will put them on signs at spawn in the morning have fun! Put the items in your safe at spawn

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