Among us blockheads server idea

Ahh sorry, I forgot about this—are we supposed to make those items?

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Um I have school?!


There’s not a set time you can do them whenever during the week I have school too


Quick rule thing: I assume we are not allowed to log out if we see somebody charging at our BH with a sword. Just mentioning it so that nobody tries to do that since it isn’t currently in rules.

Of course unless we are saying it’s the imposters fault for trying to pull a long range attack like that.

Yes no pausing if someone attacks you though and you don’t think it was the imposter you can tell me

It is Tuesday night does anyone have any guesses? I was really counting on the server actually having people I might have to rethink some things

  • Keep doing a week per round
  • Plan certain times during the week
  • Expand it to a month
  • Rename the server and have it be an event server where you play games including among us

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Sorry I never came on more than twice, I was really busy. I’d think it’d be easier to play if you arranged a short time for us to all meet for a bit, maybe? It’s hard to guess when you never see anyone. Of course, arranging a time is hard in itself for it to coincide with everyone’s schedule, but it doesn’t have to be everyone…just the majority.

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How does 10/28 5pm-6pm cst work? For the first one that gives me time to plan

If you use the time function in the forums people can see that in their own timezone. You will find that by clicking the calendar icon at the top of the post composition window.


That’s 5/6 am for me, and if I happen to be awake I’ll come join the rest of you if it’s a good time for the other players. Most likely will not be there, though, haha; I wake up late (it’s unfortunate, really).

Hmmm yea 12 hours apart if no one can make it then maybe 8 pm? Idk depends on who all can

  • 5 pm cst to 6 pm cst 10/28
  • 8 pm cst to 9 pm cst 10/28

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The following should automatically display to two options at your proper time zone… if I did it right which I think I did.

Option One: 2020-10-28T22:00:00Z2020-10-28T23:00:00Z

Option Two: 2020-10-29T01:00:00Z2020-10-29T02:00:00Z

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Question… what do I need to change to get people to participate??? Please someone help me figure it out


I might get WoahJJ to play soon!

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