Among Us: Forum Edition

Among Us: Forum Edition

Hello, and welcome to Among Us: Forum Edition. We will be going through how to play, and some rules.

How to play

Once the game starts, if you are the impostor, you will recieve a message.

If you are a crewmate, you have to complete as much tasks as possible. When you complete a task, reply with, I have completed a task! .

If you notice any suspicious activity, reply with Emergency meeting! to start an emergency meeting. When voting, reply to the emergency meeting with, I have just voted *color*! . The person with the most votes will be ejected.

An imposter will message you if you are killed. Once you are killed, you must say so. If somebody reports your dead body, then a meeting will start. Just like the emergency meeting, reply to the message with, I have just voted *color*! . The person with the most votes will be ejected.

As an impostor, your goal is to kill as many people as possible. You cannot kill everyone as fast as you want, because that isnt fun. Try to make the crewmates think you are innocent. Once you kill all the crewmates, you have won.

How to join

First, if you want to join, reply with, I want to be *color*. . Once you are in, wait for the game to start. I will message you if you are the impostor. Make sure you know how to play before entering.


Red - No one
Green - No one
Blue - No one
Yellow - No one
Black - No one
White - No one
Cyan - No one
Lime - No one
Brown - No one
Pink - No one
Orange - No one
Purple - No one


The game will start when I say so. Please do not tell anyone if you are the impostor.

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I want to be lime

Sounds fun! I want to be yellow :slight_smile:

It’s hard to see anything suspicious because it’s just text
Maybe someone could like make a picture of security cam footage every week?

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I would recommend playing the actual game then.

No idea how this will work but I want to be brown :brown_circle:

I want to be red.

The instructions are in the original post.

I think what @Alexandra_Inglorien means is that you didn’t detail how to complete tasks, how to kill, etc, even though you said what to do when said things are finished. Correct me if I’m wrong!

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This isn’t an exact replica of Among Us.

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By “no idea how this will work”, I more or so meant I couldn’t really picture how it will play out in practice even if I understand it in theory.

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Well, the game hasn’t started yet.

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