Amount of Electricity

If I create 100 Solar Panels, will all 100 solar panels work, or is there a limit to how much energy can be generated at a time (e.g. game can only have 55 blue lights (electricity).

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Why do you need that much?

All connected or invidual? (Im doing it right now)

Not sure if all of them works but the flywheels are getting filled up slowy (i putted a 100 too)

It will work, but it will not be effective.

Why would it not be effective? I would make sure there are some flywheels that get charged up for when you are crafting at night.

I don’t know of any game limits on how much energy can be generated at a time.

I’m just interested in gaining more electricity output for my electronics. Why wouldn’t it be effective?

Well solar panels are not really strong. I would say they can help charge flywheels but not help you work.

Well yeah, but I meant having flywheels with 100 solar panels. Wouldn’t the solar panels help restore the lost energy from the flywheels quicker or is there a limit to how much the game is able to produce at a time?

I think it might take like weeks irl to charge

Without evidence to the contrary, I think they would absolutely recharge those flywheels quickly, during daytime at least.

Beware of the distance limit, however. Configure them so that the furthest panel is not more than 30 or so blocks from the flywheels. Electricity sometimes stops at around that range.


Thanks for the tip. I’m going to create 100 solar panels when the resources are available and test that out. :smile:

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Yes. Please update us with your findings. :smiley:

A sample experimental procedure:

  1. Place one fully drained flywheel connected to your solar array and time how long it charges during daylight.
  2. Place two fully drained flywheels and time them both be fully charged.
  3. Keep adding as many flywheels as you like until you notice any dropoff in efficiency.

Hmm, this sounds fun. Maybe I’ll give it a go and compare it to steam generators.


I’ll test too!

Having said all this, I’ve never built a base with more than 10 solar panels and 2-3 generators for supplemental power, and several flywheels to get charged. That’s been more than sufficient for a few blockheads to be crafting. But I wasn’t making a jetpack factory or anything. Refineries are quite the energy hogs so it depends what you are crafting and how intensely.

4 solar panels charge one flywheel in one day on a slower world

what defines a “slower world”

Custom rules

Anyone like my battery for my next test

10 solar panels can charge 19 flywheels in 6 in game days


I don’t think there is a limit set in code. You might hit performance issues.

It wouldn’t be effective if you factor in the time it would take to fill 100 flywheels, especially if the wires stretch a long distance.

Also, performance issues (as mentioned earlier).

I’m not going to fill 100 flywheels XD

There will be a reasonable amount of flywheels to ensure a greater energy flow.

Performance issues are a concern though.

It really depends on the age of your device (how capable the hardware is). Would your internet connection also factor in?