An Alphabetic Conversation (Game)


I’m sure most of you guys have played something like this before; e.g ‘I went to the shops and I brought a…’, but all in alphabetical order. Here’s an example of how you can do it:

Person 1: A little girl named Grace lived peacefully in a small farmer’s cottage, in the Cayman Islands.
Person 2: But one day, a horrible storm swept over the cottage at night.
Person 3: Cayman Island inhabitants all evacuated, execpt for her, because she was peacefully sleeping.

…And so on…


  • Follow the forum rules
  • When you get to the end, (Z), start all over with an ‘A’ again.
  • You can post 2 letter-sentences per reply; e.g…
    And, so she swam to the bottom of the sea
    Beginning to get nervous by the minute…

I’ll start;

Ariel, the little mermaid, was out exploring one day.

Words that begin with ABC's…

But she soon saw a shark!


coconuts then fell on the sharks head


Deceiving the shark, so it swam towards the shore, leaving Ariel in peace.


Everything was fine so Ariel continued on her journey


Finding all sorts of shells and corals to decorate her bedroom…


Goat cheese is the best you should try it


Has Ariel tried it? Not yet…


Illumimati is confirmed!” she said


Just because she was feeling random


Kings went to find the perfect illuminati before she did


Little did he know that there was no perfect Illuminati…


Misunderstandings happened alot in Ariel’s time…


Not to be misconstrued as an ignorant time, it’s just that they didn’t know the information that we have now.


On the goose chase day, they searched everywhere.


Pondering where it could be, the king had thought of a place!


Queens and kings went to search for it but maybe that couldn’t find it.


Queen, rather, thought of a place; the enchanted temples!


Right at that moment, she remembered that there was a terrorist attack there yesterday.

She had to take a bathroom break anyway.


The bathroom was a treacherous place but…
Under it, was a COCKROACH!