An Alphabetic Conversation (Game)


Very slowly, and hesitantly, the queen approached the cockroach,
wondering if they made a book called ‘How queens should approach cockroaches when they have to go to the bathroom really bad, and the only bathroom available has a cockroach in it for Dummies’.


Xylophones starting playing in her head, and so the queen fainted.


Yaks blew up everything and made a yak kingdom.


Zebras took and dominated half the land as well,
And so the Queen woke up to see total chaos


But then they killed her.


Chocolate was now covering her dead body


Disaster! She yelled in heaven.
Everything is gone.


Fart-she farted and woke up becuz it was so loud.
Here dad yelled to here from the Kitchen:“Dear,its time to eat, come here”


Goodness! Her dad yelled. THAT WAS A BIG FART
Happily, she replied"I ATE 89829293839 BEANS"
I want to die, her dad said


Jerk!” she said.


Kalvin the kangaroo showed up, “hi” he said.


Queen Cleopatra turned around in disdain, “hi,” she mocked.


Rekt!” They yelled


Shrek then came down to where the Queen was staying and then…


Tortured everyone with an apple


Until a talking chicken nugget came


Very much people ate the chicken nugget instead


When Shrek saw they ate the chicken nugget he threw the apple at the people and mourned the death of the nugget


XOXOXOX said Shrek


“Yellow nugget, you were better than they thought,” he whimpered.