An Alpha's Echo (dm if you wanna build or something lol) Mac Server by Wingysammmm

Quick Note before we start(I want to inform you that this is the 2nd part of “An Alpha’s Echo” [AAE]. Originally, I had gotten the mac server because I thought it would be fun/successful, popular, etc. Unfortunately, it was the exact opposite. I had lacked motivation at the time, no one was interested, and spent more time on Starlight Sky’s and other games. I had spent a lot of time on it, didn’t want it to go to waste. I’ve gotten so much support, struggled with so much, and changed over the years of having this server. Will it be the grand finale of AAE? Maybe so… we’ll see. In the meantime, please enjoy a little music by Bastille while reading: if you’d like. Alright, please enjoy!)

There once were 4 cities, all of them in war over a throne.

However, they learned that violence was too much handle, and war was getting nowhere. They decided to agree to disagree, splitting up the following power into sections. Over years of cooperating and working together, they unlocked a trade portal, and put at the fallen kingdom of the previous ruler. They have also rebuilt some buildings and added some games, making the city as good as it once was.

Although the cities had found peace, there is still a rising power only a few know about:

The Darkness Uprising, made of elusive people who can control shadows as well as other weapons skillfully, and their allies, the Psychic Empire, a once forgotten city now increasing in number quickly due to their supernatural abilities.

They have made their debut, and are here to join the games. Or at least, some of them… They have been known to cause trouble and rebellions, threatening the peace that was once established.

When joining the game, you are expected to follow these rules. Any actions that are against them will have punishment. Punishment may vary.

  • do not dupe or spam litter, it lags the server.
  • do not be rude/swear or say sexual things. Part of playing here is respecting each other, having fun, and helping each other. All punishments of these actions that break the rules are actually seriously considered more than you think. This also involves having an inappropriate name/profile pic.
  • Abuse Admin/staff power. What makes a good admin?
  • tend to stay away from hacking/greifing. I personally don’t mind hacking, as long as does not harm other players. So please do not abuse hacking, or bans against hacking will start.
  • Be nice, not annoying. No one wants to be constantly disturbed

Settings: Custom, Free build, pvp on (only allowed in arena)
Server status: not open/beta

Before I end off, I wanted thanking everyone who helped me. I couldn’t have done it without you: I’m so thankful that I can’t even tell you how much I love you as a friend or a supporter.

Here’s a song as background music beofre we start: v=zlJDTxahav0 (Selena Gomez)
People from blockheads:

@Starlight1 (thank you. I always had a shoulder to lean on, and was able to progress. You were always understanding and helping. You were always there for me and I want to same for you)

@Wingysam (for hosting)
dom547 and huskylover (who I used to play with and helped me build this server)
@Skeeve for encouraging me when I was about to give up, and giving me more ideas.
The ss5 server and staff,
as well as the blockheads game itself. Thanks @milla, dave, and other forums members/game devs for setting an example/giving the game.

Although I’m still struggling/dealing with life (so I might not be on as much), I’m really happy for all the support. Thank you for reading, or playing if you’re interested.

Where you can also find me: (server) and (discord server)

Old News(Mac Server: An Alpha's Echo (Now Closing)

Pictures of Builds on AAE2:

Update to the thread: I put openers so it would be easier for readers


The link isn’t working.

I recently loosened my rule slightly. Now hacking is allowed if the owner of the world explicitly allows it. :slight_smile: It’s your choice.

Please tell me if this doesn’t work:

I’ll be giving a preview on November 1st, and will be constructing an application page for those who would like to be staff, or have some access before it actually opens
Edit: Here’s our Home website! (for now)

I know there’s not a lot of people currently seeing/interested (this is done out of my own pure enjoyment),
I’ll be giving a invitation to those who want to get into the game personally. The first 10 people to pm me will be getting a pass into the server to build, play games, and have fun on.

I’ll be hosting a challenge on AEE2!

What is the event?
The event is a pixel art/building contest! Builds will be based on the list on the Inktober 2019 prompt list.

  • The contest starts on Nov. 3 2019. All entries will be due on Nov. 16 2019. (EST) 2019-11-03T04:00:00Z2019-11-16T05:00:00Z

  • The first 15 people to pm @shadowolf will be given access to participate/get on the world.

  • Anything regarded as inappropriate or cheating is not allowed.

  • Please strive to make your artwork original! It’s not against the rules to have copied artwork (but not from other participants), just recommended to make your own artwork. (Please give credit to the creator if you copied).

  • Breaking the following rules will result in elimination from the contest.

See you guys there!

I’m kinda dying inside, but I’ll try to get a free build session time/space up for those who wanna have fun and join me :slight_smile:

Hopefully by Friday 5:30pm EST

Hopefully I can catch a wild @milla through fishing

Wow, it feels like it’s been an extremely long time since being on the forums itself, and a pretty long time since I built something considerable. To be honest, I kind of forgot about it; when I remembered this server I had thoughts of asking Wingysam to delete the server.

I guess I wanted to post on this server because it brought back memories. I’ll be doing a small building time if anyone wants to.

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In case you were having issues getting on my owner portal, I unarchived the world for you :slight_smile: