An amazing youtuber that is doing a series on The Blockheads!


I watched this video on YouTube and was astonished at how this guy called Calebrated Gamer had only 500 subscribers. He deserves way more! Watch this video, It’s amazing!

I offered to share his video to The Blockheads Forums. I also told him about 1.7, gave him a link to the offical release date thread and he said that he might do a video on 1.7 when it comes out! I’d expect this guy to create part 2 soon. Please share this video and subscribe to Calebrated Gamer!


His video is cool, but should this be in #off-topic?


I moved it to #off-topic.


I’ll tell him Wumbo showed me the video. :+1:


I’m known as Melonade Man on YouTube. He won’t know who WumboJumbo is.



I liked your video XD


Calebrated gamer claims that he has recorded footage for part 2 (as I’m typing this he hasn’t uploaded it yet) and he also says that he’s working on a video about the 1.7 update.


I’ll have to watch this when I get home.


I just found him. He’s a really nice guy.


He made a new episode on the 1.7 update!


Does this really belong in #off-topic? I don’t feel like it belongs there. Anyways, Calebrated Gamer said part 3 will come out at some point.


I remember when i 1st started playing i would watch edepot and their videos helped me. (some of their videos were just for fun, Cave troll babies but i didn’t know at the time, dreams shattered)


By the way,how does the youtube captiom system work? I see some people caption the video by editing them into the video
But some people make captions for their own videos (Insider) and some people have some sort of program that allows viewers to make the captions for them (dorkly) and for other languages
Im asking because my friend is deaf and their options for YouTube are limited because some people dont bother making captions.


I just noticed that @CalebratedGamer has an account on the forums, and I simply didn’t notice until now.


It’s so kind of you friendly people for watching and enjoying the videos! I’m new to the game and honestly even newer to recording it, but it’s been a blast, and I greatly appreciate @WumboJumbo and y’all’s support and learning more about this super fun game :smiley:


It’s truly been a pleasure!


Ick, I hope you feel better soon @CalebratedGamer!


Thank you kindly :smiley: Luckily I feel much better now :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums! I’ve seen your vids before, I like them. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for watching and for the kind words! I’m certainly not a big name or anything, so it’s always so cool for new people to give my videos a chance :smiley: