An amazing youtuber that is doing a series on The Blockheads!


Your channel honestly deserves many more subscribers than it already has.


Oh my goodness, you’re way too kind! :blush:
My only goal of the channel is to make people laugh and smile, so as long as I’ve got a small handful of people watching, then I know I’m living the dream already :smiley:


You can never be too kind. :wink:


Any YouTuber for the Blockheads is like a celeb here
I think there’s been 4 people who are celebs here


Yeah, well, I’ve never played a mobile game like it! I used to play this game all the time in short bursts when it first came out - now they’ve updated so much to the game and it’s like a whole new world to explore xD


besides me


I have 5 trusty subs
Or maybe 4 I haven’t checked


His profile is just simply amazing :stuck_out_tongue:



Indeed. :lol:


Your video on 1.7 is the 5th most popular video on your channel ever @CalebratedGamer.


Why do all successful YouTubers have to paint their hair
It triggers me for some reason


@CalebratedGamer has a Discord server if you’d like to join it!


Oh that’s so cool! I had no idea!!

And no idea on the hair thing. It was a weird craze for a while .

And yeah, come on and hang out some time :grin:




Here’s one that doesn’t expire I think. He told us to give people this one.


There’s a new invite @Blocky1.

Oh, and also…


Caleb has a couple of updates.


More chill episodes?



Episode 3 has been finally uploaded! :confetti_ball::smiley::confetti_ball:


The video is gaining more views in 46 minutes than half of the views of the Kingdom Hearts III video @CalebratedGamer made yesterday! WOWIE! :what: