An amazing youtuber that is doing a series on The Blockheads!


Thank you so much for sharing this stuff to the forums!! And also, you’re an awesome hype guy. If I was a rockstar on tour, you would be the dude getting the crowd pumped before hand :joy:


My pleasure!
12 likes and 32 views (it says 29 in the image below, but it’s actually 32) in an hour. That’s amazing!


Make that 44 views! :exploding_head:

Oh, and The Blockheads Episode 2 is now in 4th place for most popular @CalebratedGamer video!


This is fantastic!


Wow 0 dislikes


Is it a coincidence that right after you said that, somebody disliked the video? :face_with_monocle:




Episode 4 has been uploaded! In this episode, @CalebratedGamer visits Rabbithole and goes on the Alice in Wonderland ride!


i have to watch this soon :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Wow, it’s already been a year since that ride was built by us and it’s still being ridden. I like his commentary on it.


So did I!


Y’all are so sweet!! I’m glad y’all enjoyed it!! I was worried the episode wasn’t up to par, so I’m glad y’all watched and liked it :grin: Thank you @WumboJumbo for sharing my videos, and to all of you for watching!


No problem!