An apology from majicDave

Hi everyone

I just wanted to apologize. There hasn’t been a decent update in quite some time, and I know the community has been shrinking as people drift away with nothing new being added to the game.

I lost enthusiasm for developing the game for a while there, and even thought about selling it and moving on completely.

But now my passion for The Blockheads is back, and as you probably know already, I am currently working on a new update. I intend to keep adding new updates to it for some time. I’ve even now started a long overdue tidy up of the code base, to make it easier to add more stuff in the future. So I’m in this for the long haul!

Also, this year it has been hard to get things done, because we have 3 pre-schoolers and I work from home. It’s been pretty chaotic. But next year the oldest starts school, and I should get a lot more time to work on both Blockheads and Ambience.

So I’m really sorry for the neglect. But there is lots to look forward to! I hope you stick around :slight_smile:


Me too!

If you don’t where am I going to get reliable beta testers from for 1.7?!


Apologise? What? This is Christmas! I’d wait far longer than a few more measly months when[quote=“majicDave, post:1, topic:47550”]
I intend to keep adding new updates to it for some time.

Seriously, thank you! :smiley:


I love the blockheads and am looking forward to the new update!
PS: Adding dresses would be nice!


I used to play some game called Minebuilder back in the day (like 3 years ago) and I loved it. I would play it all the time. That community started dying off, because the game and updates were abandon. Even worse, they left it with a serious bug that makes the game crash every five minutes. I loved it and was sad to see it go. After that i started playing this and fell in love the same way, the last thing i want is to see this game go out the same way the other did.


I’ve seen the fur coat used as a ‘dress’, but totally understand and agree that a proper dress would be cute. Maybe not for mining in though LOL

Yay Dave… great news, to be told you are in this for the long haul. Fantastic! This IS the ONLY game I play.

Community shrinking? Kids have short attention spans so I guess it’ll be hard to keep them coming back… some adult players probably need an update to get them thinking & making new tricks within the game… as for me & other fellow pixel artists… I have enough Pixel art to do to last me the rest of my life!!! Thankfully, I have other players making them on my server :grinning: I can only imagine the workload involved in keeping a game like this going & I appreciate what you & your team do, very much.

You have three pre-schoolers… LOL… life will ALWAYS be chaotic having three children :joy: but different levels of chaotic.

Glad to know you have your passion back for The Blockheads. Has your wife too? Children are a joy but every parent needs time out… … :grinning:

[quote=“TheBest1Ever, post:6, topic:47550”]
the last thing i want is to see this game go out the same way the other did.
[/quote] Me too. Heaven forbid!!


This is great news!!! Time to celebrate! I’m going to start a new world right now tonight… I’ve been losing enthusiasm from a lot of games nowadays, and I wan’t to play the games, but I just don’t… xD Well, new updates will probably make me come right back, and you can bet I’m going to finally craft that jetpack… I also have problems with staying dedicated to worlds, in Minecraft as well as The Blockheads and Terraria xD Good luck with your three children as well :slight_smile: <3


Lel i left the game cause it got boring and came back and i learned lots of things my brother and cousin didnt know cause @shariu


Apology accepted!
Although you never really abandoned us :))
Anyway I still find blockheads insteresting, it provides the realism and aesthic that most games don’t deliver, even with the lack of updates recently :stuck_out_tongue:

Also @milla
¯\ (ツ)

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Hey long time player here i think i started playing on 1.3. Ive left this game and come back multiple times. Im really glad to hear that this game is not finished :slight_smile: I know this isnt the place for suggestions but there are a lot of directions you could take this game and I am excited to see where we go from here.

It said in the Help/Credits thanks to Notch for the idea. AND IT WAS GOOD. Some thing are similar to Minecraft but apart from that totally different.

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Hi Dave,

Hang in there, and I appreciate all the work you put in. Just to let you know, on my iPhone some of the worlds I moved over from the 3rd gen iPod touch are still there.

Usage-wise, when I check my battery, it says (in the last 7 days):
7 hr screen - 1 min backgd 34%
(The second is Words with Friends at only 2.2 hrs 9%)


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yeah I have stopped playing the game half a year ago but I’ll definitely come back when the update comes. Waiting!

EDIT: Well I decided I might want to start on renovating my long-abandoned server to prepare to welcome the new update when it comes, since I’m quite a slow builder. (I take weeks to paint one small house.)

Do I get a heads-up on whether the new update would possibly include new world settings that are only available in the new update? (like the one in 1.6.1) Or will they be available to existing worlds?

please ^^

Being a generally casual gamer but one who puts in too much time as a 30 year old…I am freaking out for the update. I’ve played this since day one and this is the only iOS game that I spent actual money on. It is harder trying to focus in this game when I’m accosted by kids all the time, but I still come back for more. Keep going Dave. This is a true masterpiece. Got me back from playing Division


The main suggestion I have is block all hacked apps.
If this isn’t fixed I’ll probably stop playing multi and frankly single player only goes so far.

I understand family is first, but there’s always a way to coop, you just need to find it. Maybe have someone help you… I enjoy playing this game no matter what you decide to do, just know we will back you up.

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Woo, so excited! I’ve been playing for a long time, and I never gave up on this game :slight_smile:

I remember two years ago somewhere in september or november I was in a multiplayer world called jungle woods and this admin came back and said what the heck because he saw blocks that were missing in a protected area and he thought I did it when I was away from the missing blocks and ban me, tomorrow that day I was going to play my single player world and all of a sudden everything was gone the 4 blockheads, trade portal, solar panels, ladder to space, rails from ground level to mountain, everything was gone the only stuff that remains was my big limestone house, and the oil lantern in the caves I never wrap in a another blockhead because almost all the caves I explored in the world was mined clean I haven’t played for three years because of that and i was never able to recreate the thing I made on an other world and I was this close to making an jetpack:wow: I will post some pictures from my world when it was like before this happen. One of them is my profile pic

This one was before I had a limestone house

And here are all the other photos and if you like them save them to your phone. I hope you enjoy this thread and to all the others who help supporting the the blockheads and as always keep up supporting and helping ways to keep the blockheads running and keep up the great work:thumbsup:


You must be confused because we didn’t have protection signs or jetpacks 3 years ago. That update was at the end of last year.

I remember the days when you needed steel walls to protect your valuable bases from getting griefed.


WAY TO GO DAVE! GO DAVE! GO DAVE! :grinning::smiley::smile:

ikr lol. I once even made one of my server’s spawn a long made out of steel.