An easier way for kits

Ever heard of starter kits? On custom rules, these are easy to give out by setting the spawn items.
However, let’s say you have ‘levels’ on your server, and you want level 1 to respawn with a starter kit, and level 2 to respawn with a pro kit.
Well, here comes an much easier way to do that!
Subscriptions (A.K.A. Levels)
Every user starts out with level 0.
When they spawn in, they start with spawn items. (Or default if it’s vanilla)
In their pause menu, it shows ‘levels’.
Then there are 3 other buttons;
‘My level’ - Shows current Exp and levels
’My Kit’ - shows current kit (level kit) and previous kits
’Leader Board’ - shows most exp and highest levels.
(Top player can choose an special message to appear at the leader board)
Increasing your level
To increase your level, you can do these things:
Craft - 5-15 exp
Kill - 20 exp (if first kill, 30 exp)
Buy - 1-10 exp
Craft with TC - 20-100 exp
Add credit - 50 exp (available once a week)
Added exp - 1-99999 exp
/boast - boast to everyone about your level. Available every 10 mins
/Donate (Exp amount) (Player) - donates exp
/Treasure (‘Check’ OR ‘Claim’) - Checks Or claims your current amount of treasure (Level-Up Reward)
/Level (‘Ban’ or ‘unban’) - Stops or re-allows a player to earn exp. (Can only do once every hour)
/LevelMessage (‘Ban’ or ‘Unban’) - stops or re-allows a player to set a leader board message. Leader board message will appear ‘Player Cannot Set Message’ if banned
/Set (‘Exp’ or ‘level’) - sets level or exp. Max level is 10!
/Set Level(1-10)Kit - Opens a pop-up where you can choose kit items for a level.
/Set Level(1-10)Reward - Opens a pop-up to set amount and version of coins (50 gold, bronze, platinum, etc.)
/Level(1-10)Door - gives a door where only the level specified in the command and higher can enter. Excludes mods and admins
Owners and Super Admins
/DevilsHour - Removes 10 Exp from everyone. Warning that this will rage people
/ReNew Accounts - Resets accounts early. Does not reset the season
Seasons, will last the entire duration of a real life season (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall).
About 90 Days.
After the season ends, all accounts will reset to level 1 and gives a season reward (/Level(3-10)SReward) to all accounts level 3 and above.
This will reset leaderboards.

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Yeeeeah!! That’s a good idea

Also, every blockhead (spawned by one player) can have a different kit right?

This is actually a great idea ! Yuhh :+1:

Cool idea lets hope dave will add this in 1.7