An old fogey recalls the (good) ol' days

When I realized I just passed the 2000th post mark, I started thinking…and as one of the oldest members here I looked back at what a journey it’s been. If you don’t care, then stop reading now cuz I’m about to wax nostalgic on y’all.

I started playing the game with 1.0.1. I got all the benches and explored my little single player world (which is still my main SP world). I traveled all the way around and made a little castle. Then I put the game aside for a few months. I checked out the new features in 1.1 and 1.2 but what really got me stoked and into the game again was the multiplayer release. started up with some trial servers which were free at the time, so numerous players created them. I joined this little server called William. I think the owner must have been 8 or 9 because he was a capricious little twerp that would randomly admin/unadmin whoever he felt like. A group of players build a hub of bases, but we kept getting griefed, so the whole group would cross the next ocean and build there. Then we’d get griefed again and move again. It was rather funny.

Then suddenly, the trial expired and the kid obviously wasn’t paying to keep it going so the server was turned off. I was a bit sad, but I set off to find a new server home. I found two. Rabbithole was already pretty established. White Rabbit had converted a single player world she had uploaded to blockserver. Westeros was the other one and it was the first theme world I had been on. But Rabbithole was super active, and I see names on the forum that I recall from those early days, like Gollark, Calumon and Weegee. We suffered repeated griefer attacks, especially from Dash but we always banded together to rebuild White Rabbit’s golden palace near spawn. Then I got hacked using the old name copy hack and my inventory was dumped somewhere. I was mad. So I changed my name to fit the theme of the world and became Mad Hatter. From then on I avoided leaving my name to be vulnerable (long story).

Trains were added and we built a subway/train line. And power stations, restaurants, cathedrals, undersea cities, sky cities, and PVP arenas. Then White Rabbit had to move overseas and could no longer maintain the server so she left it to me. This was undoubtedly my number 1 home.

Then one day, a player named Elmouchas arrived. He was an awesome builder, but he also saw our little handcar PVP arena and saw some potential to make it bigger. We both realized what fun it was to challenge ourselves with jumps and balancing in what became, I’m certain, the first handcar park.

We decided to partner up and start a whole new server where we could build more tracks and I obtained a copy of the original City of Stars from Red Eagle (I was also an original member of MGN). That became Skylands. Elmouchas build the Mario Kart park. I built other tracks and we pretty much used handcars to go everywhere.

That server pretty much paved the way for me to create Skylands Arena where handcars were the focus from the ground up and I merely continued to experiment with what I could do with track configurations. I’ve taught some others, and learned from others along the way. But it’s always been fun. When others say they’re bored, I think, “Huh, I have never had that feeling playing Blockheads yet.”

And I probably never will.

Thanks to Dave for providing an awesome ride.
(but I’m still hoping for handcar flips to get added)


I started playing the game in 1.3. I had heard about it before then, but multiplayer is what convinced me to play, haha.

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:lol: !!

That was a great history and I see a little of my story overlapping in there too!
I think it was around the time of White Rabbit or Rabbithole when I joined and for some reason people thought I was one of Dash’s cronies. I was banned, but fortunately the owner understood my appeal and unbanned me.

I’m not sure how I got associated in those days with Dash, but perhaps it was because of my vigilante justice ways. You see…I was really upset about the rampant duping of rare items so I took it upon myself to destroy anything that was obviously duped. Well, that was during the wild wild west of version 1.3. Man it was wild!! So much griefing - so few defenses against it. But it was fun trying to hide and avoid the griefers sometimes.


My time came after RH and Westeros, sometime during the days of the original Skylands. Before that I played mostly on my single player worlds or local networks.

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I started playing around 1.2. I didn’t know about the forums until this year though… My older sister told me about it.

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ha ha ha… What a great read… Though it does make me feel a little sad that. Didn’t take much notice of when & what was going on when I started… I will be 50 next year… Am I an older fogey than you Jemni? He he he.

I started play BH in 2014 (if my memory serves me right). Made my first online world in July of 2014 - which I hesitantly want to keep it going for nostalgia but it’s full of duped items, from back in my naive times… I think this is my first photo:

I’d go on to tell more but I keep timing out! :tongue:


Congrats on 2000, Jemni!

I never was really into those “big” worlds, like CoS or Rabbithole.
Or Skylands, though the pictures I’ve seen have been awesome.

I remember in the old days for me, I made a café in early 1.3… The “Nonstop Cafe”.
And the older days when seas were empty, and BHs couldn’t background…

Yup. That was a while ago.

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I think I actually started playing the game in 1.0. But I don’t remember much about 1.0 except that the graphics was so fake compared to minecraft, then I deleted it off angrily, then I played a bit in 1.3 and stopped, restarted playing with my first server in 1.5

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Here’s one of my first pictures taken in the game, it was taken right after I tested a friend’s handcar space jump and…the picture explains the rest. Got stuck up there for like five minutes just living off mangos

Why must you always bring THAT up? :tongue:

You know I didn’t mean to get you stuck.

@Skeeve, yeah, I sorta remember your early days. You did seem…harsh or something. Can’t put my finger on it. I never associated you with Dash though. Turret, on the other hand…

@Caronhere, yes you are just marginally older and more fogeyish than me.

I never duped, but Rabbithole was rampant with it. Well, it still stands and is none the worse for wear. It’s funny when I find a huge duper’s base and I’m like “I have never even heard of this person! When did they build this monstrosity?” I remember dealing with some extortion from a griefer who wanted a set of ice armor. That’s pretty laughable now, but it was rare at the time and he was intent on flooding Atlantis until we gave him a set. You couldn’t determine who left the signs back then, but I eventually figured it out. I got very good at sleuthing, and brought down the ban hammer.

What a beautiful story!!! Feeling very nostalgic!
(I’m so mental…)

Let me bore you to death with my less romantic story!

I started playing in 1.0 and got really hooked on the game, playing in my little SP. Because…it’s 1.0… What other choice did I have? That SP is still my main SP today, too.

I spawned in my first BH, whose default name was, “Alexandra”; I kept it that way, so that’s how my name came to be. I played for quite a while, and had a hobby of Achievement Hunting, and circumnavigated, with my 2 other BHs, Brittney (2nd BH, how Arella’s name came to be…) and Ross (3rd BH). Back then you could only have 3. I circumnavigated again with Alexandra alone, hunting for something I have now forgotten…Brittney was building the church…and Ross was left as a meditation Hermit at the south, to never return home. (Mwehehe).

By then, 4 BHs could now be spawned! It was an achievement! “Roberto” was spawned. I played a childish story by myself that he thought the world he spawned in, (I played a story all my BHs used to be humans…) was abandoned, and he was alone.

Eventually Brittney returned, and Alexandra came home, and brought Ross back too, to have his first Circumnavigation, and her second. So all the BHs were all together again!
I continued dragging along, (such as spawning in 5th BHs…) I have long forgotten of those days, that were not as eventful as the others, but I remembered fun. Some time, I laid down the game, and gave it up.
Months later…
I saw BHs as one of my apps. I decided to play again, I began to play multiplayer…I was such a multiplayer noob back then. I got hooked on multiplayer. After a while, I returned to the forums as well. I returned to playing Singleplayer, but I played mostly in Multiplayer. I decided to make my buildings spazzier, and I still play today.

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That’s awesome Alexandra. I’m not as imaginative with my playing. I just thoroughly enjoy exploring.

I forgot to mention my totally noobish mistakes of leaving spawn to go around the world and realizing waaaay too late that I had forgotten a regular workbench. I was either too cheap to spend TC on summoning one, or didn’t know that you could do that, so I traveled all the way back to make one before finishing my travels. And then on multiplayer, in the early days, nothing had ownership and I placed down my benches on that first server, only to have some jerk come and steal them. Waaaah.

I remember that name “hack” when I started playing … It’s not exactly a hack , but an exploit to take control of a photoless IGN. If you don’t have a photo in your IGN. Bad news… Of course, when the cloud came , it dissapeared along with blockserver.

Oh? Um, I see…

@Jemni: Oh, my sister was very paranoid, and kept re-packing all the benches in, checking, re-checking, checking, re-checking. And she liked staying home. And as we traveled the world, we made a house at each pole. (Spawn was at East).

We also enjoyed abusing Ross! If we forgot a bed, or campfire, (every night we would play we were camping out, and place our luggage or something) we sent Ross back to get it! He even swam across oceans, with a little help from coffee.

Hmmm, I don’t think Ross can swim over the sea the west anymore nowadays, there has got to be like 40 sharks. Not exaggerating.

Good Ol’ days…

Lol yeah, good ole days… No electricity, no trains, no fish, no stairs, no iron doors but we led a happy life.
I remember an episode on a Blockserver server that allowed and encouraged griefing (can’t remember it’s name). I had dug into a mountain to hide my BH before I left the game. When I came back on there was a guy with a funny name sleeping in a bed at the surface, right above me! I told him I was right underneath, but he wouldn’t believe. So I climbed up until he could see my IGN appear in the dark. He was terrified, lol! I promised him I would not attack but he grabbed his bed and ran. And ran… :wink:
I later met him on a few other servers, and he turned out to be a likeable fellow. Give him a few noobs to ban and a few numbers to do calculations and he is happy. Oh, did I already mention his name is Skeeve?


Some of my old posts are embarrassing… Well, I was much younger back then.

Anybody else remember Ace’s huge project where she wanted 5000 amethysts to whitelist the server? Aceland Amethyst, now those were the days…

Oh yes, I remember that well. It was my first encounter with a species called “duper” :frowning:

I had no idea servers existed before 1.5, and when 1.5 came out, I decided to see what it was like to make one. So I did, and built a castle near spawn, and being very foolish, I decided a sign on the spawn portal saying “Do not break please.” Would be enough to make people leave it alone. So that happened, and I started modding people to help protect the server. Being ignorant of how servers worked, I refused to admin anyone, fearing that they would ban me. Eventually, everyone seemed to have their own server, and mine was not one of hundreds, but many thousands. So the mods went on their merry ways, and I was left on a server where people just kept building on top of spawn. Eventually I just stopped tearing down the new buildings, and within a few weeks everything from the left spawn ocean to the right one was coated in steel, benches, and other random junk. Those were the days. :smiley: