An update

an update.

No offense, devs, but your main page is copyright 2019 and the last update was in 2018. You released in 2013. a bit late… please, we want a new version.


Here, have a cookie :cookie:!

What kind of update might you like/new ideas?? There is still plenty to do, but new ideas are always welcome!

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There is only one dev

Dave is currently working on his new game, “Sapiens” right now.

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MajicDave has gotten some help on a few things like cloud multiplayer (thanks to Zhaus).

The game is more than seven years old, and the next game, Sapiens is in development. Working on Blockheads in place of Sapiens, would mean delaying the new game, with zero return on investment.

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what’s this? can we have a preview or an overlook at the new upcoming “sapiens”

I think this is the website

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It means that the development of the Blockheads will be returned soon?

No, he’s not really interested in the game anymore so there not going to be any big updates and stuff

@Codeoffun is correct, in fact milla once told me that there dave himself said he has no plans to update the game again, no uncertainty involved whatsoever

There is pretty much zero chance that a content update will ever happen. Nothing is planned for a bug update at this point either.

When I say no plans, I mean no plans, rather than it will never happen, by the way. I get misunderstood about this a lot, with people assuming no plans means no update, but that’s incorrect. If Dave starts planning a bug fix update that will change.

TL;DR: No more content updates. Nothing planned re. bug fixes at this point.


Honestly I’m really worried @milla, I have loved this game since 2019, and it’ll be a shame if this game goes straight to the graveyard…

The Blockheads has been around since early 2013 and has long since run its course. The developer is investing his time into a new game called Sapiens. It is still in development.

sapiens is very exciting, and gains come with losses quite often, fact is games are no different than humans in a sense of aging, humans are born and one day die of old age, games are created and one day die out and are shut down

not saying it’ll shut down, the servers have less time than the game itself, but it’s been 8 and a half years, there aren’t a lot of games that stay highly popular for over a decade, the fact blockheads has held value for this long is still very memorable