Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


I don’t think that person visits the forum Legoboy, but the signage is pretty clear to not build in “Spawn Park” so I told players they could salvage material from it. Removing it is totally acceptable.


I have placed a code for a quest on Griffen-land at the ravine flyer 2

SuperSecretCode! lol

Pretty tricky location though as a few signs may deceive you. but i am not totally sure


Should the original Ravine Flyer 2 Get the reverse track plus some changes maybe in the future?

  • Yes
  • No

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I added my pixel art. Not Alice related, but its so pretty!


The official grand opening of “The Kream” painting shop on Rabbithole!!
It’s under spawn on the server, just take the elevator. And just to make things clear I’m selling paintings not paint buckets!

I have most of the paintings in stock. I’ll let y’all know when I stock it all.

Shop is now fully stocked!!
Come get your paintings today!!


Or you could just edit the one where they’re meant to be.


I found this today on Rabbithole.
It is truly amazing that this was possible.


Amazing to see the painting collection in the rabbithole. I am new to this forum and didn’t know that people are updating about their shops here only.


It is one of the ancient relics of Rabbithole. A glitch that is no longer possible.


yeah, I’m glad it wasn’t widely used. You couldn’t break lava doors the way you could with TC texture doors, so it became permanent.


Couldent you use /repair ?


/repair only removes placed blocks…well, I guess the door is technically placed but is it worth testing it out or keeping it safe as a treasure?


I think we’ll probably just leave it where it is. Repair might work, but it might turn half the door into a real lava block. Maybe I’ll experiment with one.


I found this thread a few days ago, and tried to get into the server. I looked up rabbithole and all i could find was this one:

I didnt know if this was the right one or not, but i tried to open it and it was out of credit. Can someone help plz?


Here is the link for you:


Thnx :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like that got you there. I think your search was filtering on Custom servers, not Survival.


The video of Rabbithole by @CalebratedGamer.


Yeah, I had a blast visiting! I didn’t realize just how much I didn’t even get to see, so I’m excited to go back to it! :grin: I recommend everyone go check this cool server out!


The Rabbit Government told me to plead the fifth to what had happened with the ravine flyer 2, so I am.