Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


Rabbithole is no longer open to the public, please pm me your username if you want to be added to whitelist, or contact me by


It won’t let me join.


Mine is zif2004


Can I join plz


Here are 3 Major battlefields of this server that provides prizes to the winning team.

The first one is the Age of War battlefield
Second is World War 1 battlefield
Third is Tribal Wars

Each battlefield has different rules. Come join this server, make armor, weapons, collect food and fight for prizes.

And we have many more surprises awaiting for your arrival

Soon, it won’t be public, so try it out


The server is temporarily public through tomorrow too.


Here is a short vid of part of our server


Sweet, I’m in a YouTube video


I can’t get in, and I think I’m white listed?


Add me, I’m interested


If you want to fall down the Rabbithole, the server will be public starting this Friday through Tuesday. We will be looking for potential whitelist candidates.


Collecting some images from The Rabbithole:






Can you tell we like grand cathedral style palaces. A few of these are based on White Rabbit’s original palace which was not far from spawn and kept us busy ungriefing it whenever it got attacked.


Hai! I’d like to join this server…can you guess what my IGN is? Yea, same as user. Also whitelist my sister KittyGurl and my alter ego Lilypad.


sooooooooo this server is still up :slight_smile:


It is indeed. Long time running.


How do i get white listed?


You simply PM me the IGN you want to use. Do not post it here for all to see.


I don’t think it’s whitelisted (meaning anyone may join, if it was whitelisted, only selected members may). To join just copy and paste the server info into the Blockheads app. You know, once you go to multiplayer, then the server area, just enter the address and port, then join.


Attention!! Rabbithole has been migrated to the cloud. Any previous members can find it on the Cloud server search feature to join.

Android players are sadly shut out for the time being until the update comes to them. But that will hopefully be soon.

If you are a new player who wants to fall down the Rabbithole, send me a PM. I probably won’t check this thread as regularly as my PM.

This server is about 10 months old now. Ancient as far as servers go and has a lot of interesting buildings, a premier handcar track. PVP Combat zones. Donkey parkour. An extensive subway and rail system. A dark maze. And more.

We don’t tolerate griefing and we try to help new players as best we can, but we need to regrow our community which has been a bit stagnant recently.

The main rules are:
NO HITTING (PVP is sometimes on for mutually approved combat)
Do not hand out portal chests, diamonds or diamond picks to anyone.
If a chest is outside of a base in public, then it’s there for you to take what you need.
But try not to be greedy.
Help new players get started because the basic resources are not easily found.

~Mad Hatter


The update is out on android so they are no longer shut out :slight_smile: