Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


10 Month? I feel like forever :slight_smile:


I went one explored a bit no one came so I left, today I go to check , and I’m no longer WHITELISTED? May I know why.


Rabbithole has become unavailable and needs a swift kick in the bunny tail, please @Milla?

Mad Hatter is the owner, but Mad Hatter is me.

Oh, could you also change the thread title to OLD Server? :lol:
Or even Ancient server. They don’t get much older.
Nevermind, I learned I can change TITLES.


Gasp. Milla kicking a bunny? That’s unheard of.


Maybe just a love tap then?


Consider it kicked.

I don’t mind kicking rabbit holes. I flatly refuse to kick rabbits on the basis that they are super cute.


Thank you. No rabbits were harmed in the making of this hole.


this sounds fun im gonna join


Digging up the hole…


I was just there before this post. I added 30 days of credit, and I’ll be checking it out later :smiley:


The Rabbithole Revival is real.

We are getting steady traffic at the Hole and so I’m forming some plans for the revival. First off, new rules!

  1. Raiding is allowed. You may raid bases that are unprotected, which is most of them. Chests may have goodies and you may break blocks.
  2. Do not destroy artwork or the railroad tracks.
  3. To the squatters go the spoils. I have enabled the bot to track daily logins, giving rabBitcoins every day. With just 5 days of savings, you can claim an abandoned base for your very own and get an admin to give you all the safes and cabinets therein. Plus a protection sign to cover it. More than one protection sign will require another 5 rabBitcoins.

Hop on in and enjoy the archaeological nostalgia of the oldest server around.


A few photos from rabbithole! Been having fun with the revival!


Same, I have been repairing the old railroad.


You can be! Jem said admins of his other worlds can be admin there.


I have made the railroad go past the north pole! Still working on making a perfect riding experience for both handcars and locomotives across the whole world.


I’ve always wanted to make a Blockheads version of Disneyland, now I’m finally doing it with @jemnidad, @Thuthu, and some others with an Alice in Wonderland dark ride using steam locomotives.

You start with a thrilling drop down the Rabbithole, then you go through the scenes in the movie in a Disneyland like fashion.

Here is our progress so far:

We’ve got way more to add, but it’s coming along very nicely.


I added this to the bottom of the fall. :smiley:


I really want to enjoy your server but :pensive:


I can’t update the original post because White Rabbit created it, but that’s the old link.

Here’s the working link:

Plus it’s public and searchable.


I am making a hotel and I need your opinions on some features…

Rabbit Hotel

What should the Build be made of?

  • Sandstone
  • Brick

0 voters

Pool on…?

  • Roof
  • Lobby Floor

0 voters

What should the price be PER DAY?

  • 20 Gold Coins
  • 30 Gold Coins
  • 50 Gold Coins

0 voters

I’m fine with it being any of those prices. It’s just where people stay and I will earn profit after time…

Poll Closes at 7:00 PM Pacfic Time