Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


Poll Closed

Poll 1 • Tied, But I’d use Sandstone.
Poll 2 • Pool will be on the roof. WOOP Pool par-tay!
Poll 3 • 20 Gold Coins. Yay so I will also make a better deal of 1 platinum coin each week.

Also, Rabbit Hotel is 15 TC left < of spawn. I’ve also put a train station named “Rabbit Hotel Station.”




I’m declaring this world a Cultural Treasure. As such I will keep it in credit indefinitely. If you find it’s out of credit please @milla in this thread and tell me.

@jemnidad: OP is yours.

Is it hard for a server to become a heritage server?
Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world
What will happen if all the servers run out of credit?

How is the server spelled?

Rabbit hole
Rabbit Hole


RABBITHOLE, one word, all uppercase.



@GoodGradesBoy I usually call it Rabbithole or RabbitHole, doesn’t really matter. It is officially RABBITHOLE in the naming like milla said, but I don’t say it that way because it looks out of place.


Oh my gosh! This is highly unexpected . I don’t know what to say. On behalf of White Rabbit (who may be lurking at this very moment) and Mad Hatter, I thank you with all my hearts (cards that is :wink: )


All good. This is one of the oldest worlds still live and active, probably the oldest. It’s worth preserving :slight_smile:


The only confusion I have is that this is a blockserver, aren’t they unsupported or removed? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m only an expert with Cloud, and not Mac.


Technically unsupported. The entire server network used to rely on it, before the miracle of the cloud came about. Once that happened, everything was migrated and I think Blockserver just closed its doors.

Someone like Jemni and Skeeve, or even Zhaus, or Milla, or Dave could probably clarify it better.


Well, yeah but… how do people join this server if it’s unsupported now? Is more of my question. It seems really cool!



The old hosting system is unsupported, the server itself migrated to the cloud just fine. I think you can pm Jemni to be whitelisted.


Ohhh, I get it now. Cool. :slight_smile:


This World was created outside our current cloud platform, but Dave imported the world data to the cloud, and now the current iteration is running there. It’s just like other cloud workds, only it’s REALLY old.


Rabbithole is public.


I really want to join… But as many people know my parents forbid me to join the cloud network.

Well, I’m happy this server is still alive, and I hope it lives much longer!! :slight_smile:


Ah, sorry about that. I kind of speed read through the thread and must have missed that detail.


This revival has been awesome, just keeps getting better :slight_smile:


Well deserved, Jem. Congratulations!! So awesome.


You could tell them that this particular cloud server is not typical of the game and run by an adult parent who doesn’t tolerate bad behavior.

And I will update the OP now that I own it and provide the accurate join link.