Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


When did the cloud plateform start? 2015?



Like January or like November 2014?




Sneak peak of the new ride… :smiley:


Rabbit Hotel
Made by: GoodGradesBoy

The hotel features 20 rooms, each one the same. Only 20 gold coins a day or 1 platinum coin each week! The max you can have is 3 weeks.

The roof has a small garden to keep you fed, and a crafting room for crafting. A jaccuzi is also provided as part of your stay.

There is also a shuttle, that is not as active going to Spawn, the Handcar Park, sometimes Food House, and of course Rabbit Hotel. A trade portal is also along the rails.

Location and Public
The roof is public, for anyone who needs a stop to craft and heal.
Rabbit Hotel is 15 Time Crystal distance left < of spawn. There is also a train station named "Rabbit Hotel Station."
When you ask me for a hotel room, I will need to call for an admin to replace an iron door for you.

Enjoy your stay!


Seems awesome! :yum:


Looks neat! I like the incorporation of trees and windows.


It’s much better than the steel structure it replaced. Great job


Added some gems and trees


A group of us was playing pool tag. When we started using weapons, while the heated pool was healing us @DGPG’s sword turned into an unknown. He then started a hot potato game with it. :wow:


Haha! I started tag, but I missed hot potato.


LOL, I didn’t want to have it :joy:
@GoodGradesBoy who ended up throwing it away?


I don’t know. :lol:


I’m glad to see this world saved. Thanks @milla @jemnidad, @Brer-Rabbit!

I’m enjoying the exploration and looking the whole world wide for which base to claim and save/restore. :blush:


I think its amazing :smiley:


I hope to join soon!

(I don’t know why I never joined before).


My tea party scene is finally done! (some trees tweaked by @jemnidad)


Here’s part of the ride that I did, which I forgot to post on this thread.

The garden (under the watchful eye of the Cheshire Cat), The Two Tweedles, and The Caterpillar in a Mushroom Forest (WHOOOO RRRRR UUUUU?)

And a fitting end for a server by the Mad Hatter.


There are no spiders on the ride, right? :sweat_smile: