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No spiders!


Unless, you know, you come across me :smiling_imp: Then we’ll get a frosty blood sucking, ice torching spider.


Parteay lol


Em I allowed to make little skyIsland golf course?? I have pic while cast to shoot on water like this.

Hole 2 same like 1 hole cast and shot in water but longer 5x blocks. Sorry about this hole 2 I shooted in water but its kinda darker because its night I ss it.

Hole 1 shot in water too shorter the First course

This is the Hole 3 shoot it in water and caputure ome fish let fish followed the fishing rod (warning dont touch ur screen while cast) Thanks!


Yes, you’re allowed. Very cute.


Okay thanks jem :slight_smile:


Good news everyone! The dark ride dubbed project Alice is almost done and may open this weekend.

This is our latest scene, a collaberation between @jemnidad and me, @Brer-Rabbit.


Lookin’ great, guys!


Almost done! Hard mode from golf course
This one is kinda easy. Goodluck with this course

This 2nd photo is really hard one. Me just practicing the whole course so if I could do it how about you? You can too!

Sorry about the screenshots I take cause its night kinda darker. But its okay :wink:



Attention: The Alice in Wonderland Ride is now open! Just head right in the spawn mansion. Best viewed while zoomed out a little. Zoom out a bit before you embark on your ride vehicle
Keep your hands and feet in side the ride at all times.
Do not exit the vehicle while it is in motion.
When the vehicle stops you can hop off and back on to continue the ride. Make sure you continue in the right direction. There is one turn.

Special thanks to @Brer-Rabbit, @Thuthu, Smokey Rabbit, @Asyc and Pickles for all their hard work, artwork and assistance in building this one of a kind ride.



You guys will see my video of it in just a half hour or so, stay tuned…


Don’t forget to include a safety vdeo! :lol:


It took me all day to edit this, here it is! Enjoy!!!

Mama's Favorite 1.6 Builds

Great video, @Brer-Rabbit
The music/sound is also spot on!:thumbsup:
Well done!


Thanks Thu! :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! Thanks for the video and smiles it brought to my face. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m glad you liked it. :blush:


Milla should throw that on Facebook! Great job Brer! :smiley:


She has full permission to do so. :slight_smile:


That is IN-Credible!!! I’m DEFINITELY coming on to try to today!!