Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


Glad I sold you on it. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing you online.


I finished my hotel near the anti spawn. (Hotel logo below)


Ironically I’m going to a Marriott in Washington D.C. in March.


Working on a ride based off Spaceship Earth at Epcot in Disneyworld. It will be named “Blockheads Evolution” and will talk about the updates of Blockheads and how it improved.

I will be doing this project alone no matter what. The only help I need is getting free protection signs. ._.


I’ll help protect it with my own rabBitcoins, and great concept!


I’ll pay for most of the ownership signs though.

I just realized this is a good idea for an old server. Lol.


Blockheads Evolution Ride Peeks in Progress

Before the game was released…

Update 1.1!!!

Stay tuned for more!


That’s cool GGB! Honored to have you use the five year thread for reference and I’m excited to ride it!


Would you like to be credited at the beginning of the ride or end?

And thanks Jemni for protecting my area for free protecting both the Underground Railroad and my ride.


The end seems fitting. :cheerful:


When I can post more I will



:thumbsup:Your builds are awesome!


So are little bunny thuthu’s


Another thu contribution



Hello! Welcome to the forums! Nice builds btw.

Now that you’re here, just a friendly reminder, double posting (posting multiple times in a length of time) is not allowed here. You can fix it based off this info: How to Fix Double Posts (with images)

Next time you can edit a post if an hour hasn’t passed, if an hour has passed, it’s allowed. :slight_smile:


You can also post if someone has posted after you, even within that hour.


I think that part would be obvious to people, but thanks for clarifying it to them. XD


My apologies. The auto message I received was to wait 30 seconds (I believe) in between posts. I will get that screen shot to show so that you can see my confusion at present.