Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


So awesome, @Pickles! Your fantastic builds are scattered throughout Rabbithole and it’s been so fun being on there as you put them up… but you need to be quick, because you’re so fast that if you blink, you might miss the process. :wink:

Thanks for reminding me.
Here’s Alice through her looking glass:

Here’s the Cheshire Cat showing off some head turning moves:

Here’s the Card Guard, concealing a secret:

And in the time I posted that… Pickles probably just built 3 more things. :joy::joy::joy:


No problem at all, you wouldn’t have known these things at first, so don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for understanding. I would have put them all into one post, but that wasn’t possible (new account).



I finally got to view your video @Brer-Rabbit… it’s fantastic!! Love the sound clip to go with it!


I’m glad you liked it. :slight_smile:


WOAH!! This is an AMAZING server with AMAZING pixel art! I will definitely join!

Also, @Pickles how did you make the lava tree? Or do they grow naturally? I never knew they existed.


Paintings. :lol:

They do exist, and I think its meant to be a ruby gem tree.


Yes, spectacular job on the video! I actually saved it so next time I see Porky’s aunt, I can show her in hopes she’ll allow Porky’s younger cousin to join TBH. His cousin got a tablet for Christmas, but I think her parents are pretty hesitant on letting her play games that allow the chat feature (for good reasons, when it comes to naive children, or children in general). As a parent, I’m so glad that I know Porky is able to play on many of these cloud servers, knowing they have such guarded owners (admins, etc) watching over them. I think it’s the Mac ones my sister would be most hesitant about after the 1.7 update - depending on who hosts the Mac server, of course :slight_smile:


That was made with paintings.


Ooohhhhhhhh… Thanks :wink:


I made the “BR” today and Pickles and I made the "RABBIT HOLE"
Pickles made the “RABBI” and I made the “T HOLE”.


What backdrop are the gems sitting on?? It looks like just the sky.


There used to be a glitch where you could place them one ice, then melt the ice. (Or something like that)


@bilingual and @KP7, the gems are sitting on an invisible time crystal backwall.


Invisible backwall made by tc trapdoors and doors.


Rabbithole is the first server to get 16 players in 1.7, more records!


Its nice the oldest server is the first 1 to get 16 players in 1.7 update! :smiley:


Ohh did u fixed it? Kinda busy right now…


Are you sure it wasn’t an anime or free TC server? :joy: