Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE


It was a lot of fun today! Thanks for @asyc for recommending!
Good luck on handling all of the unicorns :stuck_out_tongue:


TC servers are dinosaurs, man. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am now selling unicorns on RABBITHOLE, working on taming a few. 500 platinum coins.


It’s nice that your making your tower look better. :slight_smile:


You can keep them


looks at portal chest

I need golden bed stash.

looks at portal chest again

Someone stole my trade portals on that one server

looks at rabbithole

I am robin hood :laughing:


What would be a good way to start out here?


You can nicely ask for a bit of money to start with and if a friendly mod or admin is nearby they will likely oblige. Otherwise you can do some trade portal jobs to get some items you can sell for money and build up some inventory.

Exploration is your best bet. You might find an abandoned base you can take ownership of and get all of the stuff there. You can also make a portal chest to bring in your own stuff.

But definitely don’t miss the Alice in Wonderland train ride to the right of spawn. If there are no train engines, just ask for assistance.


Note the date of the original post by the revered @white_rabbit
We don’t know the exact date when the server was made, but judging by this thread, the server is now 5 years old. What scientists have discovered lately is that the world was in fact made at GMT: Monday, January 21, 2013 12:39:45 AM
This makes it not just the oldest server still running, but the oldest server ever! How was this done you ask? The game only released in January of 2013! I’ll tell you. As I may have said earlier in this thread before, Rabbithole was first created as a single player world by White Rabbit. She started playing Blockheads with the first version and built parts of this world over the next few months. Then, when 1.3 brought the ability to have servers, the SP files were taken by @zhaus and converted into a server for White Rabbit. We don’t know exactly when that happened unless Zhaus has some records, so we can only go by the thread date.

That brings me to my announcement. For our 5 year anniversary, Mad Hatter invites you to come party on Rabbithole this Saturday for as long or as little as you can. Try the Alice in Wonderland ride, try to get to the unicorn breeding ground at antispawn, try the quests, or watch for announcements about prizes and games.


I’m gonna join now to celebrate for a bit, I’ll be on Saturday too!


104 TC’s right you may have noticed that something is under construction if you didn’t. I am building something and I may even name it after ravine flyer. it will be finished soon but unknown.

Expect Rabbitholes first wooden roller coaster soon it soon :slight_smile:

Edit: if its okay @jemnidad, I may dig into the track of where it will be for the coaster.


That’s fine as long as it doesn’t damage a nice build of someone’s.



I may have to do some things to the tracks for when this is finished so I can make it tolerable without crashing, just remind me to do it when it is finished. Because most likely or not I may have forgotten.


That looks great! I’ll have to find it and ride.





The roller coaster is now complete and completes a lap. it is 104 tcs right but it is far from finished. but I have a planned opening.

Between the 8-9th-10th of this month. if not then I will need to push it to the 11th or 12th.

I will get the last of it done but I am thinking of the 11th-12th if I don’t have enough time.

A full image will be posted for once the opening proceeds. please just don’t share images without my consent until I say so. :slight_smile:


I think it’s about time I show you what the attraction actually looks like. I present to you. Ravine flyer 2

This ride is actually inspired by another one in real life with the same name that is not far from us. This actually took maybe a few or more days to build but I am not sure.

This is a medium difficulty ride so please prepare for a little bit of crashing.

It is located 105 TC’s Right from spawn in a frigid environment so a coat is surely recommended, and some chili’s.

These are a few pictures of what the ride looks like zoomed in.

And of course, I don’t want to forget the entrance to the handcar track. I designed it to look like one for when you are entering a ride.

Now, I hope you enjoy this and have plenty of fun. I just decided to build this because I just had an urge to build a roller coaster type ride for some reason but still I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Hmm u can even put events for this like races and ect btw its look awesome


There are really no events of racing, that is up to jem to decide.


U can PM him