Ancient Server-RABBITHOLE

Join the wonderland down to the Rabbit Hole!
It’s a world that you can explore the existing structures, build your own house, exchange goods and live with other people.
Use your imagination to create your own wonderland!



-Use of hacks or other game cheats is strictly forbidden.
-Be nice and polite. No bad language or images allowed.
-The majority of the server is unprotected, please do not break the tracks that serve as our roads and thoroughfares.
-No advertising
-No supershops
-Don’t ask for staff.
-Plant any plants if you can, to create a sustainable wonderland!
-Be ready to go down the rabbit hole!
-Have fun and enjoy the wonderland!
-This is the crazy rule: You can break into bases if they are unprotected and steal from chests and shelves, see below for details.


Rabbithole squatter policy Feb. 1, 2018
Due to the great number of abandoned bases, and as an impetus for redevelopment, you are allowed to break into old abandoned bases and remove materials and items. If the message bot is active, you will be given on rabBitcoin each day you log in and for every quest completed. You may turn these in for protection signs at a cost of 5 rabBitcoins per sign. Once you have the acquired base protected, you may ask for an admin to remove and transfer any safes, benches, etc over to you. Exceptions might be when those safes are glitched or corrupted. (Yes we have found some that will crash the server so we needed to destroy those)


this sounds fun im gonna join

hey is it on its say searching

it’s on now!

awesome sever :slight_smile:

How do you join? .-.

How do you join?.-.??

Neat cool i will join 2morow schoooool

U banned me white rabbit?

Can anyone join?

Hey, White Rabbit…I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do, but my blockheads got stripped of all inventory stuff and clothing today. From what I am reading, it’s a hack. I asked on the server and it hadn’t happened to other players, but not many were on.

I’m pretty bummed and probably won’t start all over from scratch again, or donate now. So, it’s game over for me.

It keeps saying that the server is now whitelist only…

My brother got me banned :frowning:

Hey white rabbit i cannt log onto the sever it wont load

Yeah, What’s going on???:confused::confused::confused::confused:

was that me?

hey it was!!! :D:cool::D;)

Are you saying you took down the server?

i think he banned u because he saw you with dash i will ask him since hes my friend.Not saying anything bad about dash just saying a possibility

I am not mad but why did you ban me for no reason? :frowning: