And elevator and blocks glitch?


So here’s a problem I have seen new players encounter while exploring the area around spawn in a server I frequent.

Tap pic to expand. It’s a pretty tall pic.

This is Sora. A blockhead in a server.

Behind her is a motor and above the block over her head is the elevator decoratedly hidden by a transparent door, blocks and becomes visible further up.

Now you easily go up and down the elevator as needed but if you tap on the area Sora was in, you go down the elevator and through the white block like as if it was a trapdoor.

The problem is getting back out. Tapping anywhere outside the little area makes a temporary white square that disappears by itself and blockhead is literally unable to go anywhere. The blocks around her is protected, so I can’t break them either.

There’s a way in but no way out. My blockhead Sora has no problem though, she can always teleport out as many times as she wants and appear at the portal that is only a few blocks away, but this creates a problem for any new player BH that appears on the server, especially if they don’t have tc to teleport with.

I don’t know if anyone has experienced this. I’m pretty sure this can be replicated and I have gone into that space a few times to see if there’s a solution of any sort. None so far.


What server is this?


You can exit elevators with blocks over them, but can’t enter. Unless you have door access.

@Thuthu please don’t trap us with this on maze runner again…

@Skeeve you have bad elevator design :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you use the D-Pad to exit?


Skeeves Gigantic Empire

If you can’t teleport, I don’t recommend you try it. I can demonstrate it. I could film it too. The forums needs a place where we can leave videos.


Oh okay. I’ll like to see this glitch and pull it apart and discover its origins (if I can ;-; )


You can’t pull it apart since the area is protected but maybe you can try to recreated this pic. Keep in mind that the block above Sora’s head is just a block, not a trap door


I don’t have a elevator… I’m old fashioned…
I use latters…


It’s simple. There is a door. You can walk in the door. The door is covering two elevator shafts though. Below the door is an elevator shaft covered by a marble block. You can go down the elevator because you can enter through a door. But you can’t walk out because you can’t walk through solid blocks.


You know where I mean right? It’s very close to spawn.

I’ve gone down to that area a few times trying to help figure out how others with be able to get out of there without teleporting. There is no solution so far.

Please don’t try it yourself in the server. Maybe you can recreate this build in your world and try it out. At least you can break your way out if you can’t find a solution then.


Does it still trap you in a setup with two blocks above the motor, between it and the door? I’ve seen this before on my server and just added a trap door out of the power room. Or have a door entry into the elevator in the power room.


Yes I’ve seen this many times before :joy: And have gone in it lots. I also recreated it.


I hate those admin/owners tell me to go up a tall ladder, and they start burning the bottom when I’m somewhere on top ._.


Now all I need to do is make something just like this to trap people. :smiling_imp:


You inprisoned yourself


It happened.
Had to use 20 TC to get out…


Why 20? Where were you?

The pic I showed required 10 to get and hats because the portal is really close and 10tc is the minimum telelporting requirement.

13 for me is about over 100 blocks. Where which server did you use? Because the portal sounds far.


It was in Unihorse like 150 blocks away from spawn? I donno


Yeah that makes sense. So it was far from spawn. Probably should have just recreated it in your world and broken the blocks when you couldn’t find a movable way out lol


But the thing is I did it on accident…
Screw these kids and their new technology


It’s also possible to go through an iron door when exiting an elevator, then get trapped.