§, •, and other invisible symbols

Users can make their IGN the exact same as someone else’s by using symbols that turn invisible when used. Which causes impersonation and other problems, you should probably make it so that those symbols are not allowed in some way.


Although, it is good for having a group of people named the same walk towards your base for intimidation. (For factions servers)

Interestingly enough, these symbols were made invisible in the first place to fix a different problem relating to their usage.

Would be somewhat counter-intuitive to switch them back. :thinking:

I’ve asked for this several times… and bugged Dave basically every beta update before 1.7 release to do something different :confused: No luck. Here’s what he decided to do.

Put a login-password system where no spaces and special characters allowed…

That’s sounds a bit overkill.

I guess Dave couldn’t kill two birds with one stone.

There are many other unicode characters like this. Unless a filter is added to only contain numerical and alphabetical characters to your username, it would be hard to monitor this.

A solution for impersonators is sending a full username using /players to milla.

The problem with this issue is that the cloud and the game handle characters differently, as they were coded by different people, using totally different conventions. The work needed to sort this out is nuts, and would take longer than it’s worth. As GoodGradesBoy says, PM me about impersonators, and I will disable problem names on their accounts.

I need to know which world you saw them on, as well as the /players output for them.


I have had it before where someone copied my username and started cursing at people in the server I was an admin in. I was questioned by the owner but I told him I didn’t and that I never swore (and I still haven’t)

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