ANDROID Blockheads 1.7 bugs and fixes

So I have a galaxy note 9 and blockheads is so damn glitchy it’s not even funny! . Bugs

  1. Chat buttons disappear. Close/send
    2 chat text gets stuck in your screen
    3 can’t press send button
    4 game crashes when you go from chat to break a block sometimes

5 if you start game WITH internet it says “connecting” forever (fix is to turn off connection and try join online. Then enable connection and try join again…usually works 3rd try)

6 when you swipe a little off a portal or bench it FLINGS your view off into the black…instead of just closing the portal and moving your view a little

7 black loads very slow even on fast internet
8 game music keeps playing when you exit app
9 over all slow fps and stuttery game play for such a small game

10 game starts up …rotates into landscape then turns to potrate…Some times gets stuck in landscape and won’t turn back

11 the common error message is too vague and can’t help the user solve problems

12 all button become dead…you can only tap squares on the screen to make your blockheads move…no chat no crafting. No D pad

***Don’t get me wrong I love this game and it’s my childhood I’ve had it since 1.3 and I know how IOS is smooth and better
But it can be made smooth on android too

The HD texture pack look low quality as well

Dave I know you have a lot of work but I hope you can fix these bugs

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@CalebratedGamer also has these problems playing the game.

Read the original post @noodlecake_ben and @NoodlecakeDerek.


It’s not Dave who ports it to android.

To submit these bugs it’s best to send noodlecake an email, remember to respond to the automated response.