Android Devices Lag More

So, every time I play it lags me out, the screen will face the wrong way sometimes forcing me to restart it, lag for no reason and ads crash me. Plus I’ll just be talking and it freezes my phone. I know it’s not just me because all the other Android Users have these same issues. It’s getting really annoying and I’d really appreciate it If you could try to fix it.

dave!!! you’re not paying the android team good enough!!

But yeah, this is a common problem that is drawing android users away from this free game.

This is why Dave should’ve looked for a different publisher in my opinion.

I don’t know if the 1.7.3 update affected servers or not, but has this Android issue gotten worse recently? Or has it been a problem for the past year or longer?

The update ruined it for Android, it never did this before tho.

Ah, then I think @majicDave or @milla needs to bring it up with @noodlecake_ben

iOS devices are on par.

So long as Android customers are contacting Noodlecake, then Ben knows about it. He knows about it more recently, since he’s been alerted here by the @. How much time Noodlecake puts into the game is up to them.