Android Single Player Worlds Backing Up?


Hello! I’ve been enjoying The Blockheads immensely, particularly single player, and subsequently tried to ensure there is a method to save my single player progress. After having scoured the blockheads forum about any ways to backup/save single player worlds, I didn’t find any android methods. If cloud saving of android single player worlds isn’t available, would anyone know any methods to save, and transfer, local data between android phones?

Thank you in advance! :smiley:


This thread could be something to consider, but I think it might require the android form of a jailbreak or something.


Maybe this StackOverflow post can help you?


You mean rooting?


For official Android help you can contact Noodlecake Studios, the Android developer, by pausing the game, going to HELP/CREDITS, then scrolling down to the Support section, where a link to email them is located. Make sure to reply to their autoresponder, if none of the links in it solve your problem, because if you don’t they assume you found the solution and don’t need help any more.


Right now, there’s no known way to save your offline world and all its builds. At least none I can think of that would appear online. Though I considered the copying of game files directly from the phone itself. I wish I could describe it to you how it could be done though.

Other than that, you can at the very least save all your resources in a trusted online server, so you can transfer them back when you get to the crafting a portal chest in your new world.

I can help you with the online stuff but given I’m in Australia and a lot of other players tend to be in America, it can take time to figure out when we can meet up.


I’m not so familiar with rooting/jailbreaking, so I’d be a bit worried to try it, but let’s see if there are any alternatives! Thank you for the reply :smiley:


Tyvm for the support link Milla! I’ll follow your email instructions, and keep this thread updated with their response, if that’s ok? So if any more players might want to find out about backing up/saving on android, there is some more info available :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link Sam! It seems to detail where android app data is stored, but I’m not sure how I’d transfer it to PC for example, and then to another android device? As an example of a backup method.

Oh no, and yes, as Sam’s link contained info on where game data is stored, I too thought it might be possible to directly transfer game data to somewhere like dropbox, PC, etc, but apparently not :confused:

By resources do you mean the materials I’ve collected and crafted? That would be better than having nothing saved true, though admittedly I haven’t played online much - I’m actually a returning player to The Blockheads, having played last in ~ 2014 :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I’d explore single player worlds initially, so I could be ready for the seemingly more advanced multiplayer worlds. Tyvm for offering to help with the online stuff btw, it’s greatly appreciated ElTaPa :smiley: I’m from the UK btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Having emailed Noodlecake Studios, as Milla said, I received an automatic reply, which contained some info on backing up:

Android - If you need to transfer data to a new phone or back up existing game data, here are some useful link

How to Transfer Apps and Data to a New Phone:

Move Your Game Progress Between Android Devices:

Moving game data between Android phones:

The first link (how to transfer apps and data to a new phone) seems to be a general guide to backing up your photos, apps you’ve previously downloaded on a google account, etc, but not specifically about game progress ( single player offline world saves).

The middle link on moving game progress between android devices details 2 methods: 1) Cloud saves. Following the instructions on the maketecheasier link, and checking out The Blockheads Google Play page, it seems that google cloud back up isn’t supported, which leaves method 2) using Helium, though the link says that a device needs to have an SD/microSD card, which my phone unfortunately doesn’t support. However, the premium version of Helium gives access to cloud saving of backed up app data. Having checked out the Helium app and it’s reviews, it seems that quite a few recent users (Jan/Feb 2019) are having issues with the app working however.

I’ve emailed back asking about any other methods of backing up, and also about the Helium backup method without using an SD/microSD card, and will update the thread with the reply.

P.S. I hope I’m not breaking any rules in posting links! I’m quite new to using forums, but please let me know if it’s ok/edit my posts accordingly :slight_smile:


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