Android White Screen fix

For now at playstore version 1.7.6.
when i use it, i got white screen.

Then i try download from [redacted]. Blockheads 1.7.2 version. and it work. No white screen.

Dunno when the application gonna force me to update. but for now i can play without white screen.

Too bad blockhead lost android market. hope they fix it soon or better rollback to old version.

Please note that we cannot certify the safety of installed builds of the game sourced from third parties. Only the Google Play, Amazon, and The App Store are known to be safe and legitimate. Installing builds from third parties exposes you to the danger of malware, keyboard loggers, and other malicious code. Download builds from third party sites at your own risk - milla

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Can you connect to multiplayer servers on that version?

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yes you can play multiplayer.

4 days since this post created no problem found

thankyou milla

yeah just desperate attempt because i love blockheads but can’t play the playstore version or official. Already 1 year i wait for the whitescreen fix but havent fixed

  1. I use 1.7.2 from top 3rd party website that people say the apk safe
  2. Realme self check malware give rate safe after i install.

if in future, new version fix the problem, i will move to playstore/lastest version.

blockheads lovers