Angel World


welcome to Angel World, a place full of Angels. you start your new life by stepping into the portal, unknown of a vast kingdom. you must follow the Angel Code, or you will be executed to the dungeon. i will be sharing the code now.

The Angel Code

No spam
Family Friendly chat please
No littering
No duping, hacking, griefing, or anything that will ruin a players experience here.
No advertising.
No asking for mod, admin, or the yellow name I have (:p)
No destroying buildings. Even if they are noobish
Everything in your inventory is a sign of peace. Do not eat the things in there.
You are an angel. Your skin color can be any color though, and you must have the word Angel in your blockhead name. For example: “Angel Brer”

i hope you join and start your new life here as an Angel!
(btw i am obsessed with angels :p)

Port: 15181
(credit to @Wingysam for this server!)

(Forum here!

Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated

Nice! And I will be naming my blockhead

for sure. :blush:


We talking white like the color of printer paper?


I believe so xD


Yep, @Prototype




what he said was kind of funny :joy::joy::joy:


I’m just making sure :sweat_smile:


I eat printer paper

BOI, I’m an angel, what do I eat? Printer paper is my only choice


Printer paper is definitely not a part of a complete breakfast.


BOI. You need to get in the angel realm. We have no food…
Deal with it


Are angels allowed to be male? xD


As far as I’m concerned they only are male


They’re male and female.


Well all throughout history they’ve been said to be only males it’s only in the last few100 years people began saying they’re female.


What have I created…


@EpicGamer101 woah, an angel indeed!


new posters!!!


The server isn’t getting any players besides me… :confused:


Maybe add more things to it.