Angel World


But I have no trade portal!
And I didn’t even make a mirror yet!


If only we could dye jetpacks…


Make that into a suggestion!




You should get a portal chest in that case
you can also craft trade portals easily, unless you don’t have enough tc


The server is custom…


The main thing stopping me from joining is the fact I have to be all white and have angel in my name.


I remember a raid/clan war server that was like that
You had to have king in your name
No offense, but maybe that’s why you don’t much ppl either-some want freedom to choose what they want their blockhead to be


Made a change to the code. Not edited in welcome message though, might do that l8tr

Your skin color can be any color though




There’s only one allowed… BUT I HAVE 2
Jk. I made 2 blockheads before I did this. Lol


Does anybody have enough TC to make a trade portal? I’m broke. And I’m not gonna buy or watch an ad every ten minutes for only 20 tc.


Look, I’m sorry everyone. Angel World is starting to become a wreck. I’m watching tc every 10 minutes for a trade portal. But I know this will become a great server. We just have to be patient.


You you like some help? I’ve also been watching adds for a while now, i have enough to make one. I’m not sure if i have enough to upgrade it all the way.


@volcanoflame, Sure. It’s ok if you don’t have enough to upgrade all the way, I have some tc


I made a Trade Portal and upgraded it to amethyst (level 2) Unfortunately, I don’t have any other gems and accidentally removed. And I can’t get on. And unless I mined all the gold ore in that one water cave and turned it into coins, I won’t have enough coins. I don’t think I’ll have enough coins from those gold nuggets either. I’ll need a pickaxe.


How can you not get on? I’m confuzzled ;(


My iPad is charging.


Ah. I see


I’ll get on tomorrow, as I am off of school.


doesnt it kill one blockhead when you did that? it did for me!