Angel World


Naw boi
@VolcanoFlame could you come on now? I’m waiting for that trade portal :wink:


Ok. Ill get on

Edit: may i be whitelisted? My username is ~MyType~


Oh yeah. I was doing something that nobody can see, lol.
I’ll turn it off.


I would have prepared somethings beforehand rather than starting the starter right off the bat (unless it’s wfs)


I’m giving @LilAngel119 German lessons on Angel World. Currently we are on common nouns.


Um… it’s a custom world, infinite health and never hungry. You just basically live your life as an angel. That’s all.


Are you ready to continue your lessons? xD I’m getting on.


You better get on now. You left saying Auf Wendershein


It means Goodbye. I have to leave anyway.


But why’d you leaf?


That doesn’t really have to do with the thing I said


@VolcanoFlame have enough time for a German lesson?


Germany is located un Europe. The end of the lesson XP


Ja boi


I actually might join, chances are I might not too tho. I’m considering


By the way, Ja means yes, not yah. Also i’m going to play for a bit. Or not. I have to go. Ill try to get on a bit tomorrow.


Ok. Thanks for the German and my rage quitting :wink:


Yay! SPAwn is built and looking fab!


Does anybody know who
: Lined Shirt is? Yes with the lil colon


I met that person on Atmos once, seemed nice.