Can you please whitelist me I got banned pls who ever owns this place,. Can you guys join to ask them to whitelist me

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I just checked, and it says the world doesn’t have credit.

Thanks for telling me

For some reason it says I got banned when the server is private now

Wait, did someone give it credit?

None of the several worlds called this are private. Nor do any of them have credit. One has a black-list, which I can’t see you on, and another has a password set.

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I just joined it and it was fine, it still has credit

Who owns it?

ANGROSEW is the owner of Angie’s World

Then it must be privite

Please someone ask the admin why I got banned

What is your ign there


Soooo did I get banned for no reason

ign is in game name (your username)

Ah, the world name in the thread title doesn’t have an apostrophe.

@Codeoffun, is it meant to be ANGIE’S WORLD or ANGIES WORLD?

It should be noted that neither of your in-game names are banned on either of the ANGIE’S WORLDs.

My ign is codeoffun

Then try joining again they might’ve temporarily had a whitelist

Thanks agentpinkdog i joined and it worked!


I got banned too, I don’t know why?