Animal Feedings

Animal Food Amount
Dodo Apple 3
Donkey Carrot 5-6?
Unicorn Rainbow Cake 5-6
Shark Raw Fish 8
FIsh Kelp 2
Dropbear Pinecone 5
Cave Troll Gold Coin 10
Scorpion Prickly Pear 4
Yak Wheat 6

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Thanks. This is easy to read, and concise.


Some of the guides have so much information, and details tags which don’t allow using Control/Command + F to search through. I thought it’d be nice to have a simple table which shows the feedings.


I was expecting fish will eat worms and shark will eat T-shirt :lol:


I think it doesn’t matter.


I tamed a cave troll that was in the sky


You can only feed once per in-game day. It takes about a 1/20th of the time if you meditate.


You can’t hit the troll between feedings.
A hit counts as a negative feed.


Then the troll would belong to Wingysam instead of you…


I’ve already fed a cave troll 10, it isn’t tamed yet. :confused:


Maybe some cave trolls need more than 10?


On oreo’s thread it says you need 5 feedings for donkey, error maybe??


Maybe it’s 5-6 like unicorns?
I should update the OP.


Worms are harder to obstain,so Dave thought it will be better to feed them with kelp.Thats only my opinion,maybe this is not true


I would assume so.


Thank you I needed this! :slight_smile:


In their natural state, without human interaction, fish eat from the plants that grow underwater. It makes more sense, to me, that they eat kelp to be tamed.


It is usually the things that encourage spawning that are used for taming. Kelp spawn fish so naturally kelp would be the food for taming fish. Sharks, trolls and unicorns don’t follow this rule.