Animal progression


I suggest a type of spray, injection, chemical or food that prevent further breeding of animal, laying of eggs or preventing eggs from hatching.

Made from one cooked poison, milk and one bucket of water.

Keep in mind, this does not kill the animal, hence the milk, which is sometimes used as an antidote.

This allows a new feature of decorating your world or server with animals and eggs without having to worry about them other than the need to feed them evey now and then.

It either lasts indefinitely, in which you need to track which has taken the concoction (a small symbol appears above an egg/animal or next to the name of the tamed animal) or it lasts for 1000 in game days or there’s a blue duration meter.


What about some sort of injection to slowly kill them?


I find this too gruesome. I’d much prefer a switch in world options that allows or does not allow for automated animal breeding.


There was a suggestion about this before, but…

This interests me, since eggs could be used as decorative items.


Maybe, the animals should be “not” reproducible but requires a number of fruit to be able to reproduce themselves.

However we have a taming system so that is confusing?


Yeah, they may just starve or anything…


That’s what I think too. But why stop there? Some of these coloured donkies and unicorns make pretty good decoration for the server.